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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL management and administration GUI for macOS
PostgreSQL management and administration GUI for macOS


Release notes 1.5.7

New features
1. Full management support for:
‧ Full text search configurations, dictionaries, parsers and templates.
‧ Temporary and foreign tables.

1. PostgreSQL documentation and libpq updated to version 9.6.3
2. Tooltips for navigation are button are now correct as selected object and possible actions.
3. Now owner of all database objects may be managed from the appropriate management form.
4. Functions management form uses CREATE OR REPLACE syntax when possible.
5. When creating a new composite, range, enum type or domain, SEQUEL syncs the cooresponding autogenerated ARRAY data type too.
6. Added per connection "Maximum wait time for connection" parameter, which represents 'connection_timeout' keyword in connection string.

1. Now column NOT NULL constraint can be changed aways, as it should.
2. Aggregates management form no longer provides only few entries for state, end and other function combo-boxes.
3. User mapping options management for foreign server now uses the correct syntax.
4. Table management form now is marked as modified when changing the inheritance of the table. The action assistant now shows "Modify ...." button as active when any of the table's parameters has been changed.
5. Now task bar is not extending beyond screen size when having very long text content. (thanks to Peter Aroney)
6. Name and default value of view columns can be managed.
7. Parameter 'obj_file' in function management form is now escaped as literal.
8. Fix a issue which prevented syncing of a table with database server to be executed and handled correctly in some cases.
9. Trigger assistant view now presents correct information for the function.
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Release notes 1.5.6

New features
1. Full support for event triggers.

1. Connection management window visual improvements.
2. Connections settings are now saved in JSON format. New functionality has been implemented for settings manipulation and connections management:
‧ Import, export and duplicate connection(s).
‧ Connection databases auto-discover can ignore system (template) databases. This feature is configurable per connection in settings.
‧ A connection can be reloaded / synced with the server: all databases will be auto-discovered and populated. This feature is configurable per connection in settings and accessable via connection's context menu.
3. The autocomplete insertion key can be scpecified in Settings -> Editor. In such way the key(s) which trigger the insertion of the selected word from the autocomplete list can be customized.

1. Several interface typos has been fixes. (thanks to Steve Meyfroidt)
2. It was not possible to get security scoped bookmarks for SSL related files.
3. When using SSH tunnel only ports above 1024 are used. This prevents the error message 'Privileged ports can only be forwarded by root.' while creating the tunnel.
4. Base data types sync/reload now works as expected.
5. Now modal windows (for management of checks, columns, user mappings) can be closed by ⌘-W.
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Release notes 1.5.5

1. The field preview popup now opens when trying to edit if SQL Editor safety switch is ON
2. If the data type of the column in field preview popup is JSON, JSONB or XML, the content is beautified / reindented. The data type is marked with asterisk since there are changes to the actual field data. The feature is enabled in SQL Editor, tables and views content tab.
3. When connecting with SSH Tunnel, the remote host parameter is taken from 'Host' entry in the connection settings. If it is empty - from 'IP Address' and if both are not defined - 'localhost' is used

1. Shortcuts for Modify and Reload now work as expected with Table management form
2. Several tooltips and typos fixes (thanks to Steve Meyfroidt)
3. A crash when modifying a connection by removing all databases (thanks to Steve Meyfroidt)
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL 1.5.4 released

New features
1. Full support for:
* Base data types
* Foreign data wrappers
* Foreign servers

1. Autocomplete list is not opening automatically after OTHER characters (like brackets)
2. Minor interface touches
3. Auto-quotation has been improved by checking is the identifier a reserved keyword. For example an identifier with name column will be quoted as "column"
4. Support for all fields of INTERVAL data type: INTERVAL [ fields ] [ (p) ]
5. Navigation panel now responds to right arrow key by opening an object or performing connect to the database
6. There are common shortcuts for management forms
* ⌘W closes current tab
* ⌘S creates or modifies the object in the current management form
* ⌘R resets current management form or reloads it's content (syncing the database object)
* ⌘E executes current or selected statement in the SQL Editor
* ⇧⌘E executes all statements in the SQL editor

1. Functions management form - if SEQUEL has been closed when creating new function, the position of the split view in the management form will not be saved correctly and the execution status area will be hidden the next time the form is used for existing function
2. The LANGUAGE parameter has been wrongly recognized, which may lead to misuse
3. Autocomplete list now highlights the correct characters in the list when using capital letters as search pattern
4. Now double quoted identifier are recognized correctly in statements (used to priorotize autocomplete list items)
5. Application crash when syncing the database objects on slow connection. It occurs more frequently when creating or modifying a column or a check constraint. (thanks to Prokofyev Stanislav)
6. When creating functions and there are parameter defaults set, the identity of the future function was not correctly determined and therefore comment was not able to be assigned
7. INTERVAL, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPTZ, BIT, VARBIT, TIME, TIMETZ columns are now presented with correct type modifier in column management window
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL 1.5.3 released

New features
1. Full support for composite data types.
2. Support for notice messages, triggered by the database or PL/pgSQL command ‘RAISE NOTICE’. All messages may be observed in SQL Editor when querying the server or executing function in Function management form.

1. Improved support for custom type modifier and PostGiS geometry data type definitions like GEOMETRY(POINT, 4326).
2. Added field ‘Type modifier’ in New Table management form’s columns table.
3. Improved query table / view alias detection in cases like ‘SELECT * FROM table1 t1, table2 t2, table3 t3 … ’.
4. View management form now supports autocomplete in the view definition text ареа.
5. Now every management form saves the last used assistant and switches back when changing the active tab.
6. Improved autocomplete list generation by better detecting relevant tables / views / schemas in the statement.
7. Execution status field in the Function management form has been improved with split view, which now can present multiline status details.
8. libpq has been updated to version 9.6.2.
9. OpenSSL libraries libcrypto and libssl has been updated to version 1.1.0e.
10. Default PostgreSQL documentation has been updated to 9.6.2.
11. When creating a new table, the corresponding composite data type is synced upon creation.

1. When creating new table, the definition of the columns’ data type is no longer lost when performing insert of remove of columns.
2. Function management form no longer provides arguments input if there are no defined for the function.
3. Now SSH and SSL related files can be selected from the file system (connection management window).
4. Fixed an issue which will cause sometimes the application to crash when syncing with the database and the rules management form is open.
5. Attributes of VARBIT data type with variable length are now correctly recognised.
6. Many minor bug fixes, improvements and optimisations.
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Release notes 1.5.2

1. Aliases, tables and schema belonging recognition improved while autocompleting.
2. Now auto quotation of identifiers is following the standard (PostgreSQL implementation).
3. When fetching huge amount of rows, the interfaces is not blocking anymore.
4. Improved rows fetching speed.

1. Foreign Key management form and Info Assistant were showing CASCADE on update and delete action in incorrect way.
2. Other minor bug fixes.
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL version 1.5.1 released

New features
1. Complete support for operators management.
2. Support for range types, including:
* Canonical and difference functions.
* Sub-type, collation and operator class.

1. Functions execution result now presents better status message.

1. Data type FLOAT8 was incorrectly recognised as ‘DOUBLE’ instead of ‘DOUBLE PRECISION’. (thanks to Prokofyev Stanislav)
2. Now Quick Help in the function management form is presenting appropriate document.
3. A crash when trying to visualise text in specific character sets. (thanks to Prokofyev Stanislav)
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL version 1.5 released

New features
1. Full support for functions:
* Volatility, data type transformations and parallelisation support
* Function execution and argument generator
* Run-time configuration parameters
* Detailed arguments specification, including ‘RETURNS TABLE’ support
2. Prioritisation of the autocomplete list items by type, configurable in settings.
3. New Field Preview in SQL Editor and Function Management Form (function result table) for fields which can not be modified. It has all the the features of the Field Editor.

1. Autocomplete now support functions
2. Faster autocomplete algorithm
3. SQL Editor presents multiple result tabs on a autohiding bar in more distinguished
way. Now the background colour of the bar is the same as the tool-belt colour (configurable in the settings).
4. Improved native data types recognition speed. Added support for NAME, REGPROC, OID, RECORD, INTERNAL, TRIGGER, VOID and OPAQUE.
5. Column Management window now supports custom data type (unknown or not synced with the database)
6. Transaction window has been improved with autocomplete support, better statements recognition, status label and comment for the generated statements.

1. Fixed incorrect syntax highlight in specific cases for comments, unicode escaped literals, double quoted identifiers in specific cases.
2. Minor bugs related with database objects syncing.
3. The Sync / Reload button of the management forms now is active after failed / successful sync operation.
4. A bug that will cause high CPU usage in the SQL Editor after pasting favourite query.
5. Fixed inaccurate background vibrancy on column’s default/comment tab view.
6. Duplicate row in contextual menu of SQL Editor, table and view content results now works as expected.
7. A bug introduces in 1.4.1 which prevents resetting a management form for new database object.
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL 1.4.1 Released

1. “Command + /“ now performs comment / uncomment of current / selected line(s) in Query Editor

1. Undo / redo in Query Editor not function as expected.
2. Fixed a typo in the statement used to sync triggers in specific schema (namespace).
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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL ver. 1.4 released.

Release notes

New features
1. Full parameters and features support for aggregates, including:
* "normal”, "ordered-set" and "hypothetical-set" aggregates
* full PostgreSQL 9.6 support with combinefunc, serialfunc, deserialfunc and PARALLEL aggregates

1. Added button for CHECK modification and context menu in DOMAIN Management Form.
2. The size of SQL Editor’s autocomplete recent list may be specified is application settings.
3. When presenting autocomplete list for a table or view, the entries are sorted by closes match criteria.
4. Added customisable colour setting in Colour Profiles for editor ruler vertical separator line.
5. The colour wells in preferences now show opacity.
6. Faster interface setup after database successful connection.

1. A bug that was randomly preventing the alias finding in statements not to work correctly when using ‘… table1.column1 AS alias1 FROM table2 alias2 WHERE alias2 …’.
2. A possible crash when closing a tab.
3. When creating a new table, if tab switch is performed, the management form has been reset incorrectly.
4. HEX View background of the Field Editor is using correct colour.
5. Rare crashing when using Undo in Query editor
6. Do not quote SQL commands or keywords when inserting from the autocomplete list.
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