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Once in a blue one...
Once in a blue one...

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What is a music lover to do when stuck in her headmate's big ass hearse all day with a screwed up stereo? Get creative and do something crazy!
+Julie Combies should've gotten an ambulance instead of a hearse, because these beats are sick!
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Your attention please,
Your attention please!
You are in the vicinity of The Bass!
You will experience ear blowing beat, heavy vibrations, and uncontrollable head bobbing or dancing.
If you are not prepared for these effects, please evacuate the drop zone!

"Blinded by the light. Wrapped up like a douche, and there's an oder in the night!"

My new roommate is self centered as fuck. If it doesn't affect her, she does not care in the slightest. If the apartment burned down except for her room, leaving everyone but her out in the cold, she'd be fine with that. She'll go as far as trying to convince me that I also shouldn't give a fuck. I'm really not sure this is going to last.

There is not a single drop, flake, or grain of anything even remotely spicey in the house.
*starves to death*

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Rube Goldberg goes clubbin, apparently.

I have energy level indicators!

Head bobbing and foot tapping - Full energy
Just head bobbing - about half
Sitting still - Please place in charging dock

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If this skirt could exist, I'd want it so bad. I'll take mine in cyan, please

Soo... I read an article where studies suggested music addiction is a real thing for some individuals, comparable to cocaine. I'd definitely fall in that category. I don't just listen to music. I crave it, I need it on a regular basis to function, I suffer without it. I listen with my ears, I feel it with my skin, I love to watch the bass speakers vibrate, I love the smell of a warm amp... Even bad music is better than no music! If it wouldn't bother people around me, I'd likely never turn my stereo off. The more watts, the better!

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Did y'all miss me?!
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