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Baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 to 1964, will all be at least fifty years old by the end of the year. One market sector that has seen major growth trends as baby boomers age is RV rental in Kansas City. Understanding the time of life that baby boomers are currently in, what they like to do recreationally, and where their values lie helps to piece together why RVs are experiencing so much growth right now.

Shockingly, the new millennium brought with it a stunning trend. There was a growth in RV sales by as much as 36%. Not everyone is buying, but the people who are, are doing so with ferocity. In this case, the thanks can go to the baby boomer generation. A major value of baby boomers is recreation and travel, something that an RV lends itself to. Not having to rough it in a car or spend a fortune on air fare and hotels is a major plus. Although saving money is important, it isn’t the only motivation in choosing RVs. Ideally, you would be able to visit friends and family without invading their space. There’s nothing better than visiting people you love in an RV. It gives you your own personal space without having to pay more money.

Baby boomers have both the spare time and the money to travel. The population over fifty accounts for $7 trillion dollars in personal wealth, meaning that they have some money to spend on traveling. They also make up 50 percent of discretionary spending, or play money that they can do what they want with. That means that they are not held back by the responsibilities of raising a family that younger people are, have paid off their debts most of the time, and are ready to finally invest in spending time having fun.

In the United States, leisure travel is mostly done by those over 50. In fact, they make up 80 percent of the consumer base. That means that RV rentals in Kansas City will only consider to grow as baby boomers make the most of their fifties and sixties. People over fifty report that travel is of top importance, matched only by family time and getting new experiences. There is no better way to travel. RVs give you space, save you money, and keep you in comfort and luxury.

It’s obvious that RV travel is more popular than it has been in a long time, and that isn’t expected to change any time soon. There are so many benefits to traveling this way. There is more flexibility, comfort and leisure throughout road trips, and lower costs than planes and hotels. Some desire to own their RV, but for many that is too expensive. Fortunately renting an RV provides the same experience, at a fraction of the cost, and without any extra maintenance or upkeep.
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