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List of twitter handle for our senator and reps.

Might cone in handy to help understand the constituency. 

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Please share this...let's get the word out, know someone who needs help?  There are links in this article...

If you have kids or grand-kids, take some time to familiarize yourself with this...we're going through some of these same things with my daughter and i read everything I can and I share it just to help out the next family...

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2015 has been brutal.

My heart goes out to people and families all across the country who have been affected by previous bad weather this year. They have experienced devastating loss, pain, and suffering.

And it hasn't let up. Goliath, a storm of mammoth proportions, has made its presence known at a time of the year that symbolically should bring happiness, joy, peace, and hope for a better new year to come.

I sit helplessly in my home during this blizzard, but I can start gathering up and boxing donations: clothes, coats, kitchen utensils, canned food and water, whatever would be useful.

I encourage y'all to do the same. Clean out a closet and donate to a disaster close to your home in your state. Offer your website of choice in the comments. Here's mine:!acq!v3!22514438554_kwd-26224741__78772426234_g_t__&utm_campaign=TSA+Texas+Dont+Forget-+SEM&gclid=CMCZ8ZPh_MkCFQYbaQodXGMO9w

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How we go sledding in Texas...

from our local news station

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first freeze of the year...i'm not ready for this...but we're not getting the snow and it's going to be mid 50's this afternoon...

a cup of coffee will get me through this!

If Obama cannot rise to the challenge of leadership in this historic crisis, then, for the good of humanity, he should resign.

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So...Christmas is coming

Here's a nice home made gift idea
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