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Arnab Deka
The dude... Yes, just that.
The dude... Yes, just that.


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Monocerotis (V838) Outburst

This is my latest animation (9.4mb) of the 2002-2005 Monocerotis Outburst event, based on a computer model of multiple frames of this strange event by the +European Space Agency, ESA

 V838 is a red variable star in the constellation Monoceros about 20,000 light years (6 kpc) from the Sun. The previously unknown star was observed in early 2002 experiencing a major outburst. The reason for the outburst is still uncertain, but several conjectures have been put forward, including an eruption related to stellar death processes and a merger of a binary star or planets.

Images credit: NASA, ESA and H.E. Bond (STScI)

There's another version by +Lars DeRuntz here:

cc +Fraser Cain 
Animated Photo

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 138

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Looks like our #NFL stadium is too small for the @SoundersFC#PTFC game: 66k sold out, 19 days to go! #SoccerCityUSA

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Learning to program is like learning to swim. No amount of theory is a substitute for diving into the pool and flailing around in the water gasping for air. The first time you sink under the water, you panic, but when you bob to the surface and gulp in some air, you feel elated. You think to yourself, “I can swim.”

From the excellent Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.

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Canon EOS 6D + EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

And it has now been 10 awesome days since +Airtel Presence  India ****ed up my MNP request.

Over the promised 2 hours of downtime. No trust/confidence remaining to loose.

No transparency into what's going on - just a it'll be fixed within 48 hours every once in a while (and only when I contact them). I mean if they are getting 100 new customers every day, why would they care about existing customers right? RIGHT? Wrong! This is the easiest way to falling flat on your face.

** that's "mess"ed up by the way, in case you think I'm shouting at this amazing company.

"in front of beetle shop" is actually part of a friend's official address. #AmazingIndia

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Wow! Full Moon Silhouettes of people watching the moonrise at Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand:

Watch it full screen, with sound on (not worth it on a phone).

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Finished the amazing & rigorous @Coursera#intro2astro w/distinction [92.5%] :D (need to blog details)

#introastro #recommended

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Man, talk about a corrupted sport.

[Quora] Why has no one been appointed the winner of Armstrong's seven tours?
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