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Carlo Vinicio Caballero Uribe
Internista-Reumatólogo.Excelencia en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de las Enfermedades Reumáticas
Internista-Reumatólogo.Excelencia en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de las Enfermedades Reumáticas

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#PanlarEdu is the hashtag we will use to promote and discuss all CME initiatives made by PANLAR. The #PanlarEdu hashtag will be available in social networks and will have its own space on our webpage, which will work as an CME hub for rheumatology in our immense region. This hub will bring together information and links on all CME activities addressed to our different audiences. #MedEd

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Medical events are bound to be transformed. Technological evolution, consume trends and ways of life for new-generation physicians influence and shall keep influencing events in years to come.
Trends in CME ... #PanlarEdu #MedEd

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I would like to share with you the progress of my term as PANLAR President, which includes thoughts, observations, ideas and positions with regard to our profession and the desire to exchange opinions with each of you without the constraints of an e-mail or editorial column.

This will be an informative space that will allow you first-hand access to what occurs within PANLAR. I shall begin with my current vision for PANLAR and the way we shall proceed in the next two years dealing with the challenges we face. In following notes I will delve into key aspects and reply to your (hopefully frequent) comments and questions.

I promise you that through these notes I will be closer to all. We are all PANLAR.

Please have a look at the concept behind these notes by following the link below: Videos

Carlo Vinicio Caballlero Uribe

#Panlar #Rheumatology #Rheum

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Pensando a Largo Plazo

Los invito a leer mi última Nota de este año

"La innovación, el desarrollo de proyectos exitosos, el liderazgo, la visión a largo plazo, la proyección en las asociaciones de todos los países donde se vuelva un referente importante y diferente, deben ser fuente de conocimiento y de integración supranacional conformada por una comunidad unida en la excelencia , amistad y el profesionalismo".
#Reumatología #PANLAR

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Una Revisión de mis estudiantes sobre lo Mejor ( Highlights académicos ) del ACR #RotReuma #ACR16

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Revive el PANLAR 2016 de Panamà y enterate del futuro de la organizaciòn #PanlarSomosTodos
(English subtitles) 

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Improving the Global Management of RA: Focusing on the Individual Patient #MedEd   #RheumEdu  
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