Question of the Day How much is too much?

The constant uploads of self photography. Maybe you forgot what you looked like because you suffer from dementia. The "what I ate" posts. Maybe because your meal just had to be known to all of your hungry followers. The FourSquare check-ins. Maybe because your GPS is shot and you welcome stalkers. The mudane posts. Maybe because you have to let the world know that you just showered, just had a bowel movement, or you mopped the floor and like the smell of Pine-Sol.

There is an over-saturation in social media. The kind of strenuous pull that goes on in updates, tweets, and posts. We see it all too often and its becoming annoying. We know the difference between informational and just plain egotistical; we borderline ourselves on this specific type of crazy with all the accounts we may or may not have. But how much is too much?

Do we take a break from it and unplug? Do we know that the internet is not a reality? Do we enjoy ourselves outside of the all the electronic buzz and just want to run straight to the outside world?

Yes. Its too much stimuli.

No. I don't want to know about what you watched on GetGlue. No, I don't want to copy and paste a post to prove that I want to fight cancer. No, I don't want to prove my religion by sending a mass email text to at least 10 other people I know. No, I do not want to participate in a trending topic. No, I don't care what you're listening to. No, I don't want to RT your link. No, I don't want to reshare your post to see a ripple or circle you for more .gifs.

Yes. I want you to get off of your cell phones while driving. While eating with your family. While chilling in your house when you can be outside getting fresh air or learning how to crochet or something. Reading a book.


Because this rant is over. And I'm over it. Because while I type this, some @ spam reply just sent me a tweet saying that I got a free Walmart card. So I have to stop the blinking light on my cell phone.

And Yes.
I used a picture of an angry cat so you would read this.
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