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Did you buy your Nightvale Girlscout Cookies?
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In an unusual break with tradition...

All my holiday wrapping is done early
Merry Christmas to those who believe
Happy New Year to all
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Kickstarter has started getting dangerous for me
I don't think it is just that I am looking at it more than I used to. I think it is also that, as the type of things I like to support succeed, other similar project decide to follow.

I have supported 8 projects in a little over a year.
3 books:
"Pilgrimage" by Matthew Wayne Selznick (Complete)
"CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: Steampunk vs. Aliens Anthology" by Joshua Palmatier (Funded, awaiting delivery)
"HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! & Other Improbable Kickstarters" by John Joseph Adams (Funded, Still Open)

1 audiobook:
"Crudrat" Written by Gail Carriger, Full-Cast Audiobook produced by J. Daniel Sawyer (Funded, Still Open)

2 game accessories:
"Bhaloidam": An Indie Tabletop Storytelling Game by Corvus Elrod (Complete)
Floating Face Metal Dice by Sly Kly (Funded, awaiting delivery)

1 menu planning tool/game:
Foodie Dice by Two Tumbleweeds (Funded, Still Open)

1 Music CD:
"Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok" - Norse Myth Song Cycle by Ada Palmer (Funded, awaiting delivery)

And there are just the projects that I have sponsored. There were probably another half dozen that I seriously considered. (Like that hand made wallet that I am still considering).
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I think it's turning out great. You get so many options. I just wish I could join more kickstarters!
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Peter Ellis

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Brad Smith is in contact with an organization looking for an individual that has expertise in games, education, and Linux (all three). One of you must know someone who fits that description
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I have 2... Will reshare it though!
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Peter Ellis

Storyworlds & Variants  - 
+Corvus Elrod you asked if I would share the prompts I am working on. While I don't want to go into too much detail until I have a chance to playtest, I can talk about the general ideas. I'm going to start by talking about where the idea for one came from.

A couple of months back when we were playing Roger Travis' "Greek Gods in Space" using Bhaliodam, we would spend some time after the session talking about using the Bhaliodam system. One of the spinners said he didn't really get why a player would choose to have something bad happen to their character.

I realized that he was in a "traditional RPG" mindset, where the point of the game was winning encounters. I then considered the mindset of  an author (I know a couple of  professional writers). What they do is create a protagonist that people can identify with, and then do one horrible thing after another to them.

So one of the differences in these two mindsets is how strongly the writer/player identifies with the character. An author isn't doing mean things to themselves, they are doing it to their character.

In Bhaloidam, an intellectual distance between the spinner and the character would make it easier for spinners to cause "bad" things happen.  It is almost like each spinner is playing a storyteller who is telling the story of a particular character. So I started trying to think of a prompt that would create that "intellectual distance".

What I came up with is a scenario I'm calling: "A minor pantheon". Each spinner is a god or goddess with a limited "sphere of influence". Each spinner is telling the story of a particular mortal worshiper. Their mortals are all members of the same group/community/tribe. So the "bad things" happen to the mortals, not the god/desses.

I have some plans for initial complications, but a lot of it depends on the  "spheres of influence" that the spinners choose, the goals of the god/desses; as well as the goals of the mortals.
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Very cool. For what it's worth, you've nailed exactly how I've been introducing Bhaloidam to new Spinners while running prompts. Sounds like your scenario will be a nice way to explore that relationship.
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Have him in circles
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On Friday and Saturday I suffered a horrible fate. I lost my voice (due to a cold). Thankfully it is mostly back now.
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Peter Ellis

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I have finished this year's seasonal card design. If you would like receive a card, and didn't get one last year (or got one last year but have moved since) then please comment below.
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What to read next?
I am once again faced with the challenge of "so much to read, so little time".

So I thought I would share my current "To Be Read" list to see what people think:

In Alphabetical order by Title:

"Alien Tango" by Gini Koch,
"All Men of Genius" by Lev AC Rosen,
"The Black Prism" by Brent Weeks,
"Blameless" by Gail Carriger,
"Chimes at Midnight" by Seanan McGuire,
"Crossover" by Joel Shepherd,
"The Emperor's Knife" by Mazarkis Williams,
"Hidden in Sight" by Julie E. Czerneda,
"His Majesty’s Dragon" by Naomi Novik,
"The Last Colony" by John Scalzi,
"Libriomancer:" by Jim C. Hines,
"Moon over Soho" by Ben Aaronovitch,
"Princeps" by L. E. Modesitt Jr.,
"The Red Tree" by Caitlin R. Kiernan,
"The Silvered" by Tanya Huff,
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I really love her writing, I'm eternally looking forward to her next book until the moment I receive it, and when I finish it I start looking forward to the next one.
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New on Kickstarter
"CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: Steampunk vs. Aliens Anthology"
What if aliens showed up during the Victorian Era? 

Authors already committed to this project:
Bradley P. Beaulieu, Caitlin Kittredge, Gini Koch, Scott Lynch, Ian Tregillis, Gail Z. Martin, and Seanan McGuire

Do I really need to say any more?  
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They have reached their goal with 14 days left to go
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Peter Ellis

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Why does +G keep suggesting I become friends with...

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Because Google is concerned with maintaining your self-esteem.
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Have him in circles
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