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TasteCulture. TravelAsia. TeachAcademics. TouchLives.
TasteCulture. TravelAsia. TeachAcademics. TouchLives.

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Academics In Asia's provides the best orientation and cultural experience for foreign teachers to thrive in China. The vision is for these university students to become joy-filled world changes.

7 weeks paid winter holiday and another 8-10 weeks paid holiday. We travel, have fun, and invest in our relationship in Asia.

New teacher orientation for all partner schools and cross-cultural training called Long-term Impact Training (LIT). We are prepared.

Learn more at and

Academics In Asia sends out an email a few times a year to let people know of job opportunities through our mailing list. Sign-up:

Latest Openings as of May 2017 for Fall 2017:
Sias University has 22 openings we are interviewing for this Fall. Jobs are all closing May 31st. Apply before May 15th.

BA Degree - See:
10 Freshman Oral English
5 Sophomore Oral English
1 Math teacher to teach Calculus and Statistics to international students

MA Degree - See:
1 English Composition
1 Cross-cultural Communication 1 Fall semester (Oral English second semester)
4 Business teachers:
- International Business Negotiation,
- International Settlements,
- E-Commerce,
- Environmental Economics,
- International Investment,
- International Corporation Management Plus another 3 hour course titled Foundations of Computer Application

Apply At

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Not your typical teaching job -#SiasUniversity

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Hello from Orlando, FL! Live from #GCSLS2017. Visit us Feb 4th for the Pacific Rim Teacher Recruitment Fair. See:

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Like if you think China should create a new zodiac system where pandas are also included!

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"You weren't born to just pay bills and die." #hiring #esljobs #businessteachers

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Accepting International Interns starting 2017.

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Taking Applications Now!

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What you can accomplish when you don't listen to skeptics!
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