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Touch Me: How the Experience of Touch Affects Persons with Disabilities
As I am
lying there naked in bed, my mind has drifted off elsewhere.   I am dreaming of beaches, boys and bodies –
anything to take my mind off of what is actually happening.    As they touch me, I am forced to
disconnect.   I have no other option but
to me...

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Coming to Terms: Shame, Sex and Disability
Coming to
Terms: Sex, Shame and Disability I think it’s pretty natural that we all have those moments in the
boudoir that we’d much rather forget; finishing too early, laughing at the
worst possible moment, forgetting someone’s name altogether (this list is...

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Never Been Missed: Looking for a First Second Date!
In life, we experience a
number of very specific and character building ‘firsts’: first word, first day
of school, first failure, first job, first date, etc.      Each of these ‘firsts’ are seen as a right
of passage that each of us go through.   They give ...

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Accessing Your Ableism: The Fascinating Way in which Ableism Affects Our Perceptions of Sex and Disability.
Ableism is a tricky bugger, if I ever saw one.   Those of us in social
justice/activist/advocacy/disability awareness (crip) circles use the term frequently
to describe the actions of those who have blatantly ignored the experience of
living a Deliciously D...

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Doing it Deliciously Disabled Style: That Time I had Sex with Another Queer Cripple
He was my first.   I have never been more excited or more
utterly terrified of anything in my whole life.    The thought of us being together made my
heart race, and other parts of me stand at attention.    It started out like any other hook up; we
met onli...

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Tick, Tock: Cripples and the Clock - Persons with Disabilities and the Timeline
The other day, I was sitting in a meeting with some colleagues for a project that I am a part of around Queer Seniors and their stories.   One piece of this project was to construct a timeline of all the Queer things that had happened throughout their life ...

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Deliciously Disabled Dalliances: How to become a Fully Functional Flirt!
I think we can all agree that flirting is one of those things that can come easy to us, or it can be like pulling teeth.   If I am being honest with you all, I would say that I am one  of the most flirtatious people out there (this truly is a juxtaposition ...

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Opening the Door to the Deliciously Disabled: The Importance of Having Accessibility in Sexual Spaces
    Over the past few weeks, I have been
invited to a few sexy dance parties in the Queer community.    My Facebook has been blowing up with invites
to underwear parties, backroom boogies, and tasty two steps.    Each time I receive these invites, my heart

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My Disability and Me: The Lived Experience
When we talk about disability in any context, we are so often bombarded by theories/models and an infinite number of ways in which we should contextualize this thing known as disability: social model, personal tragedy model, medical model.    Each of these ...

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My quest to love my body and come into my identity
Anyone who has seen my social media feeds at any time period is all too aware of my use of the selfie.  In fact, in truth, you're prolly sick of my pensive looks at the camera and are indeed thinking: "Again with this??!!  Who are you, Derek Zoolander?!"   ...
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