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Where you can learn to code in the cloud

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Google Script Gets Shareable Libraries

Yes that's right, the number one most requested feature for Google Script is finally here. What this means is that you can build a library in one script and then access it from all your other scripts. Very nice addition Google!
To get you started I made a video to show the new system in action and introduce you to the new Libraries and Services where we have greatly extended Google Apps Script. Services like Picasa, Youtube, Google+ and even a testing suite are all ready for you to use. As of today we have added 12 new libraries and many more are in production.

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Check out our latest video and code example!

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Google Script now has its own Dashboard that lets you see if any of the services are having issues. Even more importantly is the quotas tab that shows the number of times you can use certain services depending on your account.

Very nice feature Google Script team, thank you!

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Google Script is very flexible. In this video we show how putting together Gmail and a Fusion Table can give us an SMS database management tool.

What do you want your Google Apps to do? Good chance we can help you out with that.
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