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Fast Even When Still

There is something about cheetahs that tell you of the speed they are capable of even when they are stood still, they are far from the largest of predators but I would not like to be in the same company as them, nor would I like to try and outrun one ;)


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My Comments during Gurudev's Google Hangout today ... Some are quite cheeky! :)
Can all the people asking questions, PLEASE be brief - We really want to listen to Sri Sri, not you :)
Atul, me and Dinesh are coming to Oz in May ... Get courses going for the youth of Oz and we all will see that their "significant" levels of stress will go down!
Gurudev could violence ever be justified? Is there a breaking point after which violence is inevitable?
WOW!! what an answer Gurudev! When people are hungry or sick WHO and other agencies send food and medicines and doctors... But what if the mind is sick, stressed out ... Let's provide peace to people's minds, we have the technology to do that ... Include that as well in all trauma relief and conflict resolution programs - as well as for the general public!
Peace is the most desired thing for every individual and Art of Living has the know how to train minds to become peaceful!
For Sports people all over the world: Give your 100% and then either you win or make others win!
What a wonderful way of looking at sports!
Italian food at Cafe Vishala in the ashram! Am sure Gurudev was talking about that! :)
ch fif sadadjsa ghchchch utrrrieeajdda kajshd - We love Earth and all all the beings living there - Live from Jupiter! :)
When citizens ask questions like how to unite people, how to move the country forward ... thats a great sign and there is great hope for that country!
Whenever Gurudev mentions do deep breathing, or take your attention to the breath during the hangout, it's His way of saying please learn and practice Sudarshan Kriya! :)
BTW, Sudarshan Kriya can be learned on the Art of Living Part I and YES!+ courses
3 culprits of violence: Alcohol, drugs and stress (I would add smoking as well)
Meditation will make life musical and Music (the right type of course) will make you meditative!
Dont do anything that you dont want others to do to you - thats your conscience ... When anyone listens to his conscience they become a good person! A politician listens to his conscience he becomes a good politician (and boy do we need some of those!)
Keerti?! Yup, its a boy! :)
Volunteer for a Better Planet!! Dedicate an hour a day to bring up the happiness quotient of society around you!
Gurudev once said Technology makes the world a village, but Spirituality, Wisdom will make it into a family! Today after the Google Hangout with Him I truly feel so!
Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon and Good Night everyone! Basically Good Good Good! :)
Jai Gurudeva!

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RSVP for the Google+ Hangout with +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  on 26th January at 8.30pm IST, 10.00am GST, 3.00pm GMT
Theme : What can we do for a Violence-free, Stress-free society ?
Post your questions here with Hashtag #SriSriHangout  
Login and say ' Yes ' to this invite and get a reminder on your Google+, Calendar and Gmail to catch the live-stream

Add +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  to your circles and join the " Art of Living Community " to always stay connected .

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Let every man promise the departed soul that such heinous crimes will never be allowed to be repeated. Let her death remain fresh & alive in the minds of men in this country so that they don't get blinded by lust. It is high time to stop the blame game for it kills the spirit. Some say we should shut temples, some say cinemas,others say we need stricter laws. I say nothing will work without reviving human values. Let's resolve to make the world a better place for men, women & children.

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Guruji has advised us to avoid outdoor adventures / treks / water sports etc till august... as time is not good !! Follow this very strictly n inform all your friends !!

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