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Steve Faktor
Author of Econovation | Founder of ideafaktory | Ex-head of American Express Chairman's Innovation Fund
Author of Econovation | Founder of ideafaktory | Ex-head of American Express Chairman's Innovation Fund

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How to Make The UN Great Again
"If there’s anything I’ve learned from leading & advising large organizations, it’s that the whole can never be great, if the parts are rotten. A great League of Nations demands just one ingredient: better f*ng nations."

"The UN has slipped into dangerous self-parody while we Netflixed. Only one thing can save it: Amazon Prime. I'll explain..."

WARNING: Rated R (language); minors must be accompanied by parent or Serbian

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This cracked me up.
"perspiration is the body's way of telling you you're doing something stupid"
- The unbearable dreadfulness of summer

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Is telepathy coming? #future

A former Google[X] exec is building technology to make telepathy possible in 8 years

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The End of Cash = The End of Freedom Don't let bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain zealots fool you. Like credit card companies, they're bit players in the steady decline of cash - and adoption of technologies that expose everything we do to known and unknown third parties. A decline in freedom we'll only feel after the fact. And who knows, by then, many won't care because it's par for the course. Same way we don't flinch at using Google services (search, maps, Chrome, etc), which are built on ad tracking. New generations won't remember any other way. This conversion is happening faster than ever in China and India - and it'll conquer the West soon enough.

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Quack, quack. 🦆🦆🦆🦆
Zero science here. Save your money.

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Big breakthroughs coming
- Noninvasive biopsies
- Precision farming
- Sustainable communities
- Clean water from air

#future #innovation

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Why Tumblr is failing in slow-motion. There’s No Money in Internet Culture

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It's true, sustained deep thinking on a narrow subject fosters myopia. It shuts out diverse stimula that can lead to breakthroughs.

Our entire economy has shifted this way because trades are the only careers that still get paid. Who else gets an ROI on a 6-figure degree besides engineers, lawyers, doctors, financial pros, etc? Maybe entrepreneurs, but many might've been better off skipping college altogether.

We need more swapping/mixing of brilliant minds across fields of study, industries, & professions to solve big problems. In fact, that's how government should work. Elected officials should toss big problems to the smartest people we know & take their advice.


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2 Google engineers explain what it would really take to reverse #climatechange Spoiler: nothing short of fusion or another disruptive technology.

McKinsey's study found that even in a best case scenario, today's green technologies would barely make a dent.

However, a mass conversion would avert disaster 100 years from now.

But at what price?

Bjorn Lomborg, whose nonprofit prioritizes resources across global problems, argues that R&D would yield far better outcomes than subsidizing inadequate technologies like solar and wind. Without diverting resources from solving poverty, healthcare, etc.

What do you think?

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Watch this video: How EVERYONE can get a raise tomorrow with this tiny cultural tweak. 100% correct.
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