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Time to show them what public opinion really is. This only takes a second.
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or the deep cynic in me just says signing it gets you on the no fly list or some shit
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Ben Linn

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You know it's sad but truuuee...
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Ben Linn

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#cannabis you have the right and the duty to vote your conscious and vote not guilty if you believe a law to be unjust.
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Ben Linn

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Time for accountability and prosecution of Bank of America executives behind massive fraud and money laundering ---->
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Ben Linn

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CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others. The Obama Administration pays CNN for content control.

Let that sink in...

Additionally CNN and CNN International are also paid by foreign governments to avoid stories that are damaging, and construct narratives that show them in a better, albeit false, light.

Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy winning investigative journalist and photographer. She accuses CNN of being “fake news.”
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What? The MSM in bed with the politicians? Never!
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Ben Linn

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Our government is intentionally keeping massive amounts of information secret from voters.
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Ben Linn

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This is so awesome!
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Ben Linn

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This story deserves extreme outrage. But that won't happen, because it doesn't fit the left's agenda of gun prohibition, denial of the right of self defense, and glorification of the state.
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To Alan Lovejoy: Excuse you? Speaking for someone else violates basic libertarian principles. You've also created a straw man, by stating your opponent's alleged principles in order to attack them. That's two strikes, dude. Want to go for a third?
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