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Why is everyone here jumping the bandwagon of giving a person they barely even know saint-like status?

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R.I.P. Sammy Ayochok, 5-time Mr. Asia ('86-'89, '94), runner-up / Mr. Universe, & influential figure in the sport of Philippine bodybuilding. One of my inspirations in taking up the iron sport...
Sammy Ayochok (PHI), NABBA Worlds 1997

Feeling really down in the dumps today. This will stay until a viable, win-win solution is made. THEN I'll be "okay".

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Presenting… our "little big film" NONO! The story of a boy with a cleft lip & open palette who wants to join his school's speech contest.

In competition at the Generations Kplus category at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, from Feb. 9-19, 2012.

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Yellow Kite Film Productions presents the official trailer of our full-length feature film NONO. Showing, in competition, at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival from February 9 - 19, 2012 in Germany.

Written and directed by Rommel "Milo"Tolentino, it tells the story of Toto, an 8 year old boy born with a cleft lip and an open palette, who sets off to join his school's Linggo ng Wika declamation contest.

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Presenting, our "little big film", NONO in competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival this coming February 9-19, 2012

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NONO goes to Berlin!

Hindi lang Linggo ng Wika ang sasalihan ni NONO, kundi ang 62nd Berlin International Film Festiva, this coming February 2012l! Our full-length feature film will be competing in the Berlinale under the Kplus category.

Go, Go, Team NONO!!!

Got myself the gokaiger minipla gokaioh toy. Looks like I'll be having fun assembling it tonight...

List of screened BIFF films (PART TWO)
10. Grave Encounters (Canada) - found footage of a pilot episode of a reality show that deals with ghost hunters in haunted locations. Haven't we all seen this kind before, like a decade ago. Commercially may stir some interest but won't fly due to its predictable nature.
11. ASIAN SHORTS PROGRAM (in random order)
Thug Beram (India) - winner of this year's SONJE award, equivalent of audience choice. A hearing-impaired busboy at an eatery with a secret.
I AM HAPPY (Sri Lanka) - A woman who regularly listens to a daytime radio talkshow where her letters are read by a male dj.
Curiam / Thieves (Singapore) - a father, who is struggling to provide for his little son, loses his wallet.
DIY Enthusiast (Japan) - my favorite of the group. Dark yet whimsical, funny & romantic. Tells the story of a laid-off Japanese worker filling up his spare time with do-it-yourself woodworking projects
Shelter (Indonesia) - A couple in the back of a bus, one of them is wounded.
Raw. Cooked. Burned. (Iran) - A one room set-up with multiple events that occurred in there during the course of the day, all happening at the same time.
17. A Letter to Momo (Japan) - if you liked Spirited Away, you may like this one. It tells the misadventures of a girl, coping with the recent loss of her father, who finds a letter that he wrote prior to his death. She tries to figure out what he tried to say to her as he only wrote: "Dear Momo,"

List of screened BIFF films with mini reviews (PART ONE)
1. Always (Korea) - opening festival film. Commercial sappy melodramatic love story about a down & out former boxer / parking attendant and an almost blind girl.
2. Cut (Iran/Japan/Korea/USA/France) - An art-house film loving Japanese man who must endure being a human punching bag to pay-off his brother's debts from the Yakuza. I like this film but it needs some editing and toning down of the repeated preachy rantings & dramatic imagery in order for the general public and cinephiles to appreciate it.
3. A Legend of A Rabbit (China) - a 3D animated film that copies Kung Fu Panda. I was excited about this one but fails due to uninspired animation style and flat jokes.
4. A Fish (Korea) - a 3D film about a man searching for his missing wife. An episode from the twilight zone that didn't necesarily need the 3D format
5. My Father is Baryshnikov (Russia) - a boy from the ballet school who believes that Mikhail Baryshnikov is his father. It will easily be compared to Billy Elliott as the story is the same BUT what makes this film different is how ground & real it is. It is based on the life of the director. Easily one of my favorites.
6. Pina (Germany) - a 3D dance concert tribute film to the late choreographer Pina Bausch. A good film that didn't need the 3D format.
7. The Host 3D (Korea) - a 2005 Korean film classic superbly reformatted to 3D. A great film about family dynamics and social commentary disguised as a B-movie monster flick. Watched it as if I was seeing it for the first time :)
8. Laddaland (Thailand) - This one didn't know whether it wants to be a horror flick or a melodrama. I had high hopes for this one as it was helmed by the director of Coming Soon, one of my fave Thai horror flicks. Every scare tactic & music / sound effect was used to the hilt. Sayang.
9. To Die Like A Man (Portugal) - about an aging transgender night club diva's rocky relationship with his drug-abusing boyfriend. Wanted to like it but is was badly acted.
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