I'm really enjoying the   #Apple  vs #Samsung   trial. My favorite part so far: (Look at image for reference) Susan Kare, a Mac iconographer is on the stand. 
Samsung Lawyer: That picture of that phone, I haven’t seen a phone receiver like that in about 35 years, have you?
Apple's Witness: I know it was designed in 1938 by Henry Dreyfus through the sixties and seventies.
Samsung Lawyer: it’s the old iconic Ma Bell receiver.
Apple's Witness: It’s an old receiver… I never knew about associating it with Ma Bell.. I don’t know
Samsung Lawyer: Do you believe Apple owns the image of the old retro phone receiver?
Apple's Witness: I don't know.
Samsung Lawyer: Green means go, doesn't it? Apple doesn't own the color green, does it?

I really like this lawyer. Apparently Apple thinks they own the color green, squares and rectangles with rounded corners and the image of an old retro phone receiver which was used as a universal icon for phone DECADES before the #iPhone  appeared. 
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