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Words that shape us
matter even though one often hears sayings like: They are just words… as if they don’t mean anything. The
world is full of words, good ones and bad ones; they build sentences loaded
with good or bad intentions. I am not going to talk much of the subje...

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Had to make one...
 ...with pink ears!     Wool, as always, Lene

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Yarn! I could not love it more.
T hank
you for your thoughtful responses to my last post. Stash is a wonderful thing
in so many ways, it sparkles the imagination, provides hours of entertainment
in hard times, saves you from having to wait to start a project…sometimes it
forces you to be ...

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To stash or not to stash?
kitties do make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is very soothing to make the
face and see how the personality grows and the little thing sort of starts to
speak. That is true of all the creature-making. It must be because it finds the
child in me. In ...

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Cats and crochet
H appy
February!    I don’t think I have ever before been so happy to see January go!
Good bye to the dark days and welcome light; even with small increments daily,
it is more and more and it shows. It gave me such a pleasure to turn the page
in the almanac...

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hope you are well settled into the new year. I did not mean to stay away from
the blog quite this long, but somehow the days have just gone by without me
doing a whole lot. January does this to me at times, I need to step away and
rest. The days are cold,...

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Short Raglan
you so much for your comments on the Sheepy, I took all of them to my heart.  N ow... I will proceed with humble steps for the next upcycling adventure, with the hope of not
goofing around quite as much as with the Sheepy cardigan. My wardrobe was

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Done! Finished! Completed!
was knitting away the sleeves, when it dawned to me that, this cardigan is
after all coming together and getting close to a finishing line. Somehow, I was
lulled into believing that I was to knit this cardigan into unforeseen future
and every single modif...

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Finally some progress!
December is picking up pace and the very short days – mere 3 hours – are flying away. The sun rises around 11 and sets again little after one in the afternoon. You really lose sense of time when it is always dark, and by 17 (5pm) in the afternoon, you start...

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One more go
want to thank you again for your trust in my skills. This cardigan might work
or then not, but you will be the first to know. It is at time out now. I just
cannot face all the mistakes I have been making so far. But… on the bright
side, I have learned a ...
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