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As hyperbolic as that was, I still giggled :) thanks for the share!
Atleast they arent apple glasses or they wouldnt even work ;)
Its possible! BSOD is the highlight!! :D
That's what i got right now! After saw this video, my Windows offended and be like that. LoL
This will make texting and driving look tame. I wonder how high the automobile accident fatality rate will rise? Bicyclists and Pedestrians beware!!
+nathan higgins What do you mean will be? It's already awesome, I wonder what info you have that we don't.
I love the parody, but fact of the matter is that blind users of The vOICe sensory substitution system for the blind are today already wearing $30 camera glasses with their netbook PC (or smartphone-sized Viliv S5) running... Microsoft Windows :-)

Now we are really looking forward to Android camera glasses coming from Google's Project Glass!

HAHAHA!!!Love it. I can so see this happening with windows OS. LOL
For once, I'd like someone to create something akin to Microsoft's current state of the art mobile interface and adapt it for AR. Live Tiles on the periphery and such. Enough with the sophomoric jokes about ancient designs!
thanks for sharing ...
too sorry that I have to share this :D
Atleast it won't be as bad as the overpriced Mac glasses, which will be designed for the douchy iHipsters :)
Er Vin
Lol super win
This is absolute truth ! MS shouldn't even think of copying Google and entering in glass business !!
Can't stop laughing when the glasses goes to blue screen XD
My windows platform's better than him. LOL! I laughed a lot
I am becoming a beliver in Google Glasses. A fantastic concept! Being a bit of a luddite, I have never owned a cell phone. I can see I might just jump to these special glasses without even handling a cell phone. If you need someone without cell phone experience to try them, just contact me; otherwise, I will be tracking the project's process.

Make sure there is natural light tinting (like you can get for prescription glasses) so folks will be able to see the items on the readout.
That's funny. What about Apple? Maybe you just get all information in the form of sunglasses. Just wear it and it guides you!
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