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Cool so the Project Glass prototype actually works and is not just for looking good on the model photos! Is it an OMAP4460 1.5Ghz, with head-tracking (accelerometers, gyros, etc), compass, bluetooth to your phone? Is it better to have it above your vision than below? I use my Kopin Golden-i below my vision. I guess that empty glasses frame is only to support the weight of the device. I guess Google can do an "AR browser" a la and simply release the Project Glass SDK on top of Android so the industry can go crazy building and selling these sub-$500 before the end of the year.
Great, will catch the web version.
+Sebastian Thrun I like to think to you like a positive nuclear bomb. Thos projects will save and improve lots of lifes, motivate lots of innovators and demonstrate once again that passion CAN change the world! Thanks
+Sebastian Thrun Just saw the interview on Charlie Rose. Wonderful. I wish you clear thinking and continued success. The answers are not always easy but "per ardua ad astra".
+Sebastian Thrun Thanks for all the hard work. Enjoyed (and graduated with high marks) your AI class last term. Wish I had more time to do more courses. Thanks again.
Really love the part about Udacity. The logical consequence of going down this path is (nearly) free education in any language, for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Looking forward to see how you continue to change the world!
Great share. Thx. Agree. It is about to make an impact and not the number of academic papers. You really did it. Thanks for your awesome work.
looking for the photo of Charlie Rose you took and shared on G+
during the interview ...
Is it all self contained into the black bar, or is there a wire running down his back to a computer?
i mite be wrong on this but... Udacity is the big story here educate the world for cheap or free and then i think true human innovation will take place
Loved to hear "not for the sake of writing research papers, but for the sake of impacting society". Totally +1oned =)
I was most thrilled for Sebastian's vision of education, why do my kids have to adjust to an education system that is so obsolete? One thing people can get educated for free by studying standards is computer networking technology and telecommunications, I do not understand why kids pay $40K plus for an engineering degree that leaves them with no skills needed at telecom vendor giant or telecom provider, they have to learn those skills at work. On a comment about automation, the technology is there so computer networks get self deployed and self monitored after design and power feed them.
So remarkable +Sebastian Thrun!! _I've got big dreams of using Project Glass for my G+ Hangout Concerts!!
The second half was actually my favorite part! Loved the comments on the problems in current higher education, +Sebastian Thrun.
As a former teacher I agree +Nicholas Rumas. Somewhere on Earth is the person who gives the absolute best lecture on the Gettysburg Address. Why can't every child hear and see that version?
+Sebastian Thrun Thanks for taking the red pill professor. The world of OpenEd and "Flipping the Classroom" is a such an exciting world to be a part of as a student, I can only imagine as a professor how exciting it is to know that your changing thousands of peoples lives. I am hoping OpenEd and the Flipping the classroom model starts gaining real traction and we start seeing dramatic changes in the quality of education throughout the world.
Thanks for all your comments. This means the world to me.
Thanks for everything Sebastian. Too inspiring, must resist urge to quit job and get MS in CS-----
Very interesting interview. Nothing I could disagree on. Except that there is no HD version of the interview available.
Ugo Ano
Absolutely love what you're doing... your motivation of "fixing" things in life with technology is what drove me to create the digital butler +Cyman System (only on Android so far)... Google Glasses will make that app so much better!
+Sebastian Thrun - How do you have time to do everything you are doing?

Seriously, you are spearheading some really wonderful projects - I'm sure it's wonderful to see them reaching the production stage.
Just looked into enrolling into some of the online Udacity courses...I'm a little timid, so I think that I will start out with something small like, build your own search engine. Looks interesting, curious to see how much a dumb firefighter can actually learn! Great job!
Awesome work, i'm very excited how current trends in technology are merged in this device … and it would be great if some of the details of the device would be shared
Hi Sebastian. Thank you very much for posting this. I am legally blind. I think both the Driverless Car and Google Glass will benefit myself and people in my situation greatly.
Sebastian, I really appreciate your dedication to making education available online. I appreciate being able to learn cutting edge ideas from one of the best in the world. I will keep taking classes as time permits and will always be grateful for your dedication.
M Eeee
Sebastian, that was incredibly interesting. I shared the video to all my circles. I'm quite fascinated by the "accessible U" idea (my name). You're doing some great stuff. Wish I couldhave gotten to the Stanford campus while I was in the Bay area. Leaving on Monday though, after 3 years. Maybe next time! Keep up the interesting work.
Very great interview Sebastian! I am inspired!
And even for the Glass project, I think it's best not to be exclusively eye-operational.
There should be other ways to control the contents in the glass. I believe finger gesture is the most natural, and I also have a product concept for this :)..
The most inspirational video I've seen in a while. Thank you for sharing.
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