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Took this photo today.
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It was totally amazing. I took this picture during the interview.
Once in a lifetime. That's awesome!
Aw the picture has no interesting metadata, only the dimensions... you cleaned up your tracks well ;) hope you had lots of fun and look forward to seeing the interview!
That's awesome, I gotta watch this.
Congratulations, must have been a once in a lifetime experience! Mr. Thrun, do you have any idea on when this interview is airing?
Obviously Google has capacity to identified people in images search. Unfortunately this is a very serious concern to many privacy advocates and to the public in general. I am looking forward to see how Google will make this feature available in a socially acceptable way.
Tonight Wednesday or tonight Thursday? I'm watching Charlie Rose right now and the guest looks very much unlike you. Disregard, there you are!
I'm watching the show right now. Great show!
Ken Liu
+Alain Tapp The simplest approach would be to only identify people with a two way relationship in your circles. Another approach would be you get access to public profile data (if this exists)

If I can think of this, I'm sure the big G can. If not, I might be available for work and my rates are reasonable :)
So this is the photo you talked about in the video. Exiting!
Thanks for all your hard work! It is really changing the world!
Great interview. I had never heard of Udacity. Looking forward to signing up and learning a few new things. Thank you!
Amazing. Can't wait to get a pair!
Just watched your session with Charlie this morning... you had a little bit different perspective at the oak table than we did! Great session!
Amazing. Keep up the good work Sebastian and team! Let me know if I can beta test a pair :)
Can't wait to try those glasses! I think my wife may disown me though ;)
Looking forward to having a pair of G.Glasses in my life!
Love the engagement aspect of being able to watch this video and then come right over and see the real result. I love technology!
I wouldn't say the picture quality is the best, but being able to upload my pictures with the nod of a head is just incredible to think of. I just hope that the final version of Google Glass will have support for people that already wear glasses.
I don't understand the picture. What am i looking at?
Photo Detail/Camera says 'Proj Glass Alpha-v0.4173" ... j/k ;-) Great shot of Charlie!
Color looks a bit off. Is the camera using a daylight filter and the studio has tungsten lighting?
I have a question: is it really a glass that shows all the icons and dialogs? If so, then the screen PPI must be pretty high (maybe 10x of iPhone's Retina Display?). Do such lens available now?
If there's no lens, is it using some kind of projection mechanism (aka holography)?
+Tung Ten Yong Not holography, just refraction, but still using projection. Given that this prototype came out of the University of Washington, you can bet that Microvision in Redmond, or at least someone associated with them, had a hand in designing this. I suggest you look over their many patents to gain a clearer understanding into how this might function. I did and it's truly enlightening! =)
The future is looking Bright!
i always knew charlie rose conducted his interviews in his own private pocket dimension. nothing living exists beyond the endless darkness. Guess who run afoul are never seen again.
This is awesome !!
If the price of Google Project Glass is right, I'm going to buy it.
+Sebastian Thrun, can you tell us, the release date of those Google Project Glass, specially in Indonesia ?
Fue editada en Picasa... no fue subida directamente de los famosos Google glasses
I want one of those glasses :)
alright! TAKE MY MONEY!!!
+Jeff Liwag Hello, could you tell me how do you reply with picture? Thx :P
Looks good. He seems a bit orange though, don't know if that's the camera or not!!! :)

Question: will it only work with the latest android phones. And to repeat a question that has been asked many times before, how much will it be and when will we get an idea of when it will be launched. 
You should've uploaded it from your glass directly instead of your desktop computer.
Im wondering what is your daily smart device is it a nexus or the glass??
This is so awesome. This technology is like from the future. However I'm still not sure how the display works - glasses are so close to eyes, for me it's impossible to focus vision on anything that close. I'm wondering how it's done.
Is there any way i could probably sign up for the beta testing? I will sign the NDA form if its needed. By the way, this looks great keep up the good work, hope i can be part of it.
I have astigmatism too, i have to use really powerfull lenses, i could help with that
I cannot wait for this product to be available! I'm a quadriplegic and cannot use my hands. I have been waiting/looking for a product like this for two decades. I am highly active, but have problems with confidentiality and lack of independence on a daily basis. Google glass will open up new opportunities for many people
Think what can do if you visit the colosseum and forums with project glass on. They will be a time macchine and you will see all ancient romans around you and you will see all the buildings as the ancient romans saw them. Just an idea how to use your glasses here in rome
insanely fantastic~ hope we won't have to wait for too long a time~
Sebastian, any idea how soon developers can expect a Google Glass SDK, or even a preview of the API? I have an app idea I'm excited about, and I'm sure many others do, as well. I'd love to begin developing it, ideally in advance of the product launch.
maybe pixel in the glasses may be further improved, so that the images could be like the camera phone / camera real
This really is kind of interesting. Here is a link to the video of this picture being taken while filming the @charlie Rose Show
This picture means a lot to human kind.

No no, really...have you seen a human behave as a humanoid as this before? (ignore hollywood). Watching +Sebastian Thrun do this was like part-human-part-WTF.

I think it's freaky, but cool. Need's a lot of work, but it's going somewhere. Keep the good work!!!

(of course, you need to see the interview in which this picture was taken).
wow cant wait for this to come out!!!
looks like taken from " the godfather"
Create a small database of just the office employees, connect the glasses to your picasa software, which already does face recognition, hook that up you with wifi or a 4g signal and bob's our uncle. Real time identification. Fans of Cars 2 would love it, "AKA Chop Chop Alex". Get that demo out to any police force with access to a DMV database and as was said in an old 'In Living  Color' skit, Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money. Also slight problem with privacy issues but eh.
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