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Happy. (Picture taken with my cell phone)
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Many happy returns of the day sir.
Happy Birthday Great Teacher :)
Funny: when he makes the photo with B-) , he gets 500+ comments in an hour. With other devices he gets only a dozen in the same time
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sebastian! Und vielen Dank für die inspirierende Arbeit bei Udacity!
I like how you clarified the cell phone thing =)

Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (music....)!
Happy birthday, Sebastian, all the best...
Happy Birthday may God complete all your kind wishes
Happy Birthday +Sebastian Thrun . Enjoy your day!
Also I noted you made it clear that the picture was taken with you cell phone, and not your glasses. LoL
vikas v
Happy birthday sir
Yeah at this point you have to say it's your phone or Project Glass or people will freak lol.
Happy Birthday! I Have a Great Idea for Google Glass, I'm working in a video to show it for Google! I hope you hire me or buy my idea :) It's really Amazing! It's Can Crack the FaceB oO Serious!
Best wishes and happy birthday Sebastian!
A robotic car in the garage, a virtual university on the desktop, and a pastry chef in the kitchen. What more could a man ask for?
Happy Birthday Mr. Thrun. It is a wonderful experience to study at Udacity. Thanks very much.
Happy Birthday... so, you have The Glasses, why you need a mobile phone?! :)
-1. This should have been taken with your glasses.
Love this image!! I want one on my birthday! Watching you talking to Charlie Rose now! Very interesting with your eye camera, etc! +Sebastian Thrun
+Myrna Weinreich just watched him on Charlie Rose myself as well. It's really touching how he feels about education, I hope I can be so passionate about my future work as well. For now I'll just keep going to class and watch Udacity :)
Why not take the picture with your Google Glass? :)
Yes, happy birthday to you from me too, even after more than one month delay, I have just known about it :-)
Herr Thrun, Ich bin Herr Pritt. Ich mochte (or "brauche" ?) eine moment  ihrer zeit bitte. Mein deutche is kein gute nach 9 jahres. Im Voraus (I think das es right) Danke. Email bitte
What an Uberrasschung!! (Not, sadly not the Chocolate kind with the Spiel inside) --- Frohe Geburtstag
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