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Just met some of the younger Udacity students (Age 10). Amazing. They all completed CS 101. So much undiscovered talent in this world!
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They all look Indian...arent they?
Awesome! I wish I was 10 years old again to get the head start Udacity is giving this girl.
+Alexandre Zani Probably the same holds true for our education compared to our parents'.
It's great that there is a global trend to make high quality education accessible to anyone instead only the rich.
Free online education/learning has a huge potential. I am extremely excited by all the recent initiative. I am a professor at Université de Montréal and I am working and doing my share…. in French.
Too bad I couln't be there. I would have been the oldest. Young wippersnappers!
want to have this udacity t-shirt . it looks cool , specially the yellow one. Mr Sebastian thrun please have a udacity e-store !!!
Hey Sebastian, I'm currently taking the CS-253 and CS-373 classes on Udacity and am a huge fan! I will be at the Google Mountain View Campus tomorrow at 4 PM and I know you're extremely busy but I'd love to meet you if you have a few minutes!
It's amasing to see people as younger learning python :)
+ Rohan Singhvi - David is the guy wearing the orange t-shirt on the left!
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