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Nevadans will soon see driverless cars being tested on streets and highways. Google received the first license Monday from the state Department of Motor Vehicles to test the autonomous vehicles.
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Congratulations! And yet, coming from a land where there's snow a good chunk of the year, I can't help but wonder how a car like that would perform in weather that obscured the normal visual cues to things like the edge of the road.
Congrats and how much? =D
What sex, hair color, and eye color did the prius get on it's Nevada driver's license?
Congratulations! That's great news!
Whose going to insure this car and it's cyber driver. I wouldn't want to be rear-ended by "no internet connection".
Delivery trucks, garbage trucks, taxis... So many opportunities here!
do you want to be rear ended by 'i need to answer this call' or 'I shouldn't have had that last one' or the plethora of excuses that make driving the least safe method of transportation? I am glad that google is getting the go ahead.
It might do a better job than some of the people on the road now. Do you know if it will cut across three lanes to make a turn. That was the last one that happened to me today as I was traveling in the left lane coming up to the I-15 on Blue Diamond Rd. some "person" decided they wanted to go to California from the right lane and cut across all three to get into the left turn lane! Glad my breaks work and the other cars near me as well!!
I really want a self driving car. Imagine being able to catch a little sleep during your daily commute.
Now if only there was a self clothing suit to wear to work. Then I could sleep and wake up at work fully dressed with a coffee on my desk :D
+Shawn Scientifica science has yet to invent that BUT there is low-tech alternative. A friend of mine went to a fancy dress party as a sheikh and wore the bed sheets and bed cover as garb. When he got home he threw himself on to the bare mattress and 'hey presto!' he was in bed. That's pretty close to what you're asking for! ;-)
Thinking about this... if it uses Google maps then will it do a right turn at the traffic lights labelled 'no right turn'? There's a bug in the map near where I live.
If we can just get everyone to get these, we could get rid of traffic signals and stop signs. let the computers weave us though cross traffic with slight adjustment of speeds. It will save massive amounts of time and fuel.
Great news. I wonder how long before we see these on the Autobahns here in Germany. I suspect the bureaucracy will take longer, but it'll happen eventually.
I really look fwd to a future where i am taking overnight trips between cities in self driving car. really khoooool work sebastian congratulations.
Congratulations from Karlsruhe, Germany :) Kepp it up.
Does a teen texting while behind the wheel count as driverless? If so its been tested all over america for nearly a decade now.
Old situation:
The vehicle is being tested on public streets with a driver behind the wheel. The driver is 'driving' the vehicle by operating the computer, and being ready to take over more direct driving if something goes wrong.

New situation:
The vehicle is being tested on public streets with a driver behind the wheel. The computer is 'driving' the vehicle after being instructed by a human, but the human is ready to take over direct driving if something goes wrong.

This is a great PR victory. Is there actually a technical change I'm missing? (And please don't mis-understand, I think the PR victory is huge and important!)
Great technology. Wondering how this will evolve in the upcoming years and how it will affect our daily life.
Please Google, make autonomous cars reality in my lifetime...
Wow, congratulations! It seems like this must be a really big milestone to have reached. 
Congratulations to Sebastian,Google and Nevada.
great ,, i hope i could be part of google team :)
Just what I wanted to hear, its been a long time coming but think how many accidents will be avoided if every car is automated and even if the number of cars on the road was to double you would all probably get there faster if they were all computer controlled.
Security will be a main concern. What if i wanted you dead and I drop my exploit on your car using the V2V system to cause it to crash exactly on the intersection where i want it*" and *when i want it? yeah... catch my drift. The world is not ready yet for this. If i can crash your computer remotely you bet ya I can crash your car...

Anybody claiming this to be impossible is an idiot.

Disclaimer: It is part of my job to asses risks on major IT systems for governments & financial institutions.
+Mac Atomic Why would the driver system be connected to any networks?
Also, planes, normal cars, and knives are involved in many deaths. Should we stop using them?
John Mc
and another question, has anyone seen these cars tested in bad weather? like rain snow or over cast?
Frank M
Well, most people who use a knife have a pretty good understanding of how it works. Computers? Not so much.
Officer: Sir, you were speeding!
Passenger: Tell that to my Google Car, I was just sitting here, chilling...
+Martin Bede If you read the standards (which guys like me do) you would know that this sytsem is based on v2v communication. It doesn't drive by gods will... It takes information from the vehicles around you and based on that decisions are made. Injecting ...... nvm read the standards.

About "cars, planes and knives": Cars don't drive automatic. Plane autopilot has a pilot in there and knives don't cut by themself. They require an operator. Stop comparing apples and grapes.
About "cars, planes and knives": Cars don't drive automatic. Plane autopilot has a pilot in there and knives don't cut by themself. They require an operator. Stop comparing apples and grapes.
+Mac Atomic Can you post a link to those standards? As I know it uses video cameras, radar sensors, a position sensor, and a LIDAR sensor. (Edit: He deleted his comments.)

My point was that everything can be abused.

+Frank M People use normal cars too, yet most of them don't know how they work exactly.
I'm sure the cars won't be programmed to speed.
Lol well nice, so I can have u smashed against a tree and then have ur body driven to the mojave dessert for disposal :p all self driven... no witnesses "don't be evil"
+Mac Atomics There are people that can sabotage current cars to have them crash. That doesn't stop people from driving them
+Mac Atomics Why would the car not be required to have a driver? I know they showed a video of a blind man in one, but he was accompanied by a man with a computer monitoring everything that was happening. I don't see them becoming an alternative for people who know nothing about driving. You should, and hopefully will be required to have training and get a licence to use one.
+Dustin Gosa did u read the part where it said "driver-less"?

So u are assuming your driver-less car will come equipped with a driver/someone that monitors? Well i got a driver-less car already then :) Nothing to see here then!

+Kevin Meador Yeah but they wont turn the wheel and crash in a tree on a remote command or tampering. Nowadays you can tamper already with the board computer and have it put on brakes, rev up the engine or even change gears. This will nicely hand over that last piece of control that you had on mechanical level.... so what if u can still step on the brakes.

I believe its either autonomous, thus the driver/passenger can read the newspaper in peace or its not and you are actively watching the road at all times.... What is worse than no security is a false sense of security.

Heck u could make it look like an accident.... don't be evil!
+Mac Atomics As I said in , automated car software will one day come under the same level of safety scrutiny that airplanes do today. If a hack such as you describe worked, it would only work once - the Car Crash Investigation would thoroughly sort through all the details, including what the software saw in the seconds leading up to the crash, what responses it made, etc. The hack would be discovered, as would the vulnerability that made it possible. The cars with the faulty hardware and software would be forcibly grounded until the company produced a fix.

People with your attitude - utterly not trusting the technology - will be very important in that your voices will make sure that the necessary Automated Automobile Safety Authorities get set up, are independent of car makers, and have teeth - just like the Air Safety Authorities of today.
The simple fact that one thing like that can go wrong and that someone doesn't want to implement a whole new technology into our society because of it is sad.

There are dangers in everything we do in life, the desire not to push the limits of technology and society because of these potential dangers is a narrow minded and short sighted approach.
Did you guys know that electricity is dangerous? It's true! In fact, electricity kills hundreds of human beings every year!

We should definitely get rid of it, despite it enormous safety when handled properly and the countless benefits it has given us!
i love how people are freaked out by driverless cars but not armed pilotless aircraft flying overhead. 
Frank M
Granted, there's a "coolness" factor about a car that's smarter than the average driver - we've had that coolness factor ever since "KITT" :)
Let's see, though: People are already lousy drivers. If you put them in a car like that, their skills will deteriorate. Should something unforseen happen, they're even less prepared to react properly.
The ease of "just sit down and drive me to where I need to be" - I think that's called "Taxi", "Bus", "Street Car". Granted, a lot of U.S. cities suck royally at implementing that well.

Armed pilotless aircraft does freak me out if it's a military drone who HAVE had malware on them. Please do note, that the density of planes on the airways is a little less than the density of cars on your average Interstate - and I'm not sure how automated and unmonitored those planes are.

When that thing becomes mainstream, I'll get a motorcycle license.
True, the coolness factor cannot be denied
After driving through Las Vegas several times while I was a chauffeur and seeing all the skid marks every few inches on all the concrete barriers on their highways, that state NEEDS self-driving cars!
Way to go this is amazing. +1 Dr. Thrun
Hy Sebastian do you need a tester for google glasses from Italy ?

Dr. Thrun, Florida is set to pass legislation that will go into effect in early June or July regarding autonomous vehicle testing. I was wondering if once someone enrolls in your robotic car class at Udacity, if you will be selling kits with the hardware so that people can begin building and testing their personal autonomous vehicles?
it is cool!
I saw your talk on TED Mr. Sabastian. Your vision is awesome.
I think driver less car will have negligible effect to the mass people. 7 billion people are living on this earth. Still 30 % people do not have food, house and medical facilities. Food and house problem can be easily solved once we solve energy problem.(Energy must be 10 times cheaper than current price.) Medical problem I can not comment because I am not doctor. But I know energy and I have working prototype of energy problem 10 times cheaper than coal.
+Jigar Patel: What you said is so true, however we at the same time cannot simply ignore the rest of the 70%.

Driverless car will have significant impact on the disabled, the aging population, and the growing population (traffic congestion). It will help ease traffic flow and fuel usage. We have to make progress in parallel rather than just concentrating on one aspect. You will be surprised that driveless technology may somehow indirectly help other problems (like energy problem you talked about) in some way, just as how the Space Exploration program has help spin-off many different technology that has helped the human kind in many different ways.
I am not telling you to ignore 70% people but If driver less car can increase energy efficiency, it will not increase more than 10 %. If you make car driver less, I am sure you have to use more mechatronics and robotics part and programming. Up to some extent this will increase cost of car. It will help to solve traffic problem. But better option is solve energy problem or run that driver less car 10 times cheaper than coal.
This can't get here fast enough for me. Any thought on the role of the railroad industry in Self Driving cars? Car Takes me around town, I want to go a long distance, Car drives to a train station, drives onto a special car with several other cars, plugs in to recharge, and the train takes me a long distance, cross state or wherever, it arrives, then the car drives me where I need to go in the new city? Wouldn't' the rail industry be more likely to invest and help if they had a role rather than saw it as a threat?
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