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Jasper, my son, and me.
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Was that a glasses cam picture? That's great!
Wawawait.... did you just Glass that picture??
now that I see it, I like the face of your son in this picture hahaha, is funny
this is why I want this project to succeed :)
Will G
This is my sons favorite game as well. Now if I only had the Glasses so I could take photos like this :)
I've always wanted a camera that captures exactly what I see!!
Is it the same camera you used in the interview and shared to G+? The quality seems so much better
aww so cute how did you take that picture
i like the pic its cool
That's a great shot, seems much higher quality than the last one!
How were you able to take this great photo? Camera on a chain? I seriously want to do the same with my 2 kids.
Nice! Good times, gooood times.
aww...... was he holding the camera in his mouth? lol
how did you do that:)
how did you take the picture and swing the kid at the same time?
Oh yes. Did you simply do a self timer? or sequence. Well done.
Haha he looks like he is having the time of his life :)
how did? you hold the three guesses 1. head band, 2. in your mouth or 3. you have 3 really?
anyone else wonder who is taking the picture?
John B
+Ida Johnson his using Google Glass to capture the photo. Google Google Glass project.
John B
People its Google Glass. Google Google Glass project. I want one soon! Its a Glasses with Phone feature.
my kids love when i do that to them.. but i get too dizzy....
This picture could also be taken with a GoPro camera.
John B
Google Glass people. Geez! Sebastian Thrun help developed Google Glass.
This is why +Project Glass will succeed and start a trend that will define UI for the decade the way apple did the 00's
John B
It won't be out yet. Hopefully 2013. You can Google Sebastian Thrun Google Glass project and see the pictures.
OMG this is too cute!!! I love it!
It's all fun and games till someone gets hit by a tree.
If I send you my credit card can you send me a pair back? :)
wondering how u managed to take the pik with no hands
Joy S
Wonderful and he seems to be having so much fun!!
Camera mounted on his head with a time exposure.
I love that pic and your son looks so much like you.
Maybe it was taken by somebody who was standing behind him with the camera beside/on top of his head...
Jen S
Aww sweet pic.
aww that's cute he looks like he is having so much funnnn :)
Great shot...who clicked the camera?
I was honestly wondering how was he able to take that picture.. now I know :)
+Sebastian Thrun , it is surely looking like you took it from Glass, however, is your Glass ready to post this picture while you are playing with your lovely son.
You must wear a camara in your hat! ;-)
Cool picture!!!
I remember when my dad did that to me ALL the time
Weeeee. Aw man Im Jealous. Those were good times. Looks like fun Seb.
Brightens my day!! The joys of children!! <3
I just hope you won't jump out and tell us it's not taken by the glass "_"
You're all wrong, he clearly has 4 arms. 2 to swing his son and 2 to take the picture with a camara... I'm onto you Sebastian...
Aww ur sons name is Jasper? There is this book with a cople so they combined there names and got Jasper (Jason and Piper)
god such a nice it
looks like you caught him mid lunge. This should be a meme.

"Jasper the Raptor"
great picture of fatherhood
I already put away $1000 dollars just in case this comes to market :D
So what triggers the camera shutter?
who names there boy jasper
I used to do this to my dog.....
Jasper must be having tons of fuun
Wish I can still do this with my kids!! Now i'm just waiting for grand kids!!!!
Wow, those Google glasses take excellent photos!
Awesome dad award recipient goes to this guy
last time you saw him??? :)
Where can i get these glasses? The boy, adorable!
whos that hes so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My uncle did that then I fell out of his hands into a tree...........
he must be having fun he seems to enjoy himself and his dad
I am dizzy just looking at that. Seriously I think I am going to throw up.
awwww! but how'ed you take the picture? with your mouth?
Must be nice to have a third hand to take the
کسکشا ما داریم میمیریم شما چرخ فلک سوارید؟
AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........................
Poor kid's got no legs - let's start a charity for him.
cool how did u tak a pic. like tht?:)
how do you take a picture like that
dude i wish my son would enjoy doing that he freaks out
uhhhh so cute hope you guys had fun
i was swinging my 15 mos old in a similar fashion and was wishing i could capture the joy on her face. Google Glass makes it possible.
If you are holding on with both hands, how did the picture get taken?
i wish i had a son because it would be fun to have a guy that can do that and have fun doing it
Amazing! I would take a lot of pics with the kids. Bad driving flagrants. One thing I wander if would be possible is to link two glasses as to be able to see and hear what the other sends us. This would allow to watch a conference at the same time as a colleague but while I am away...
Fantastic picture! How did you do it?!?
+Sebastian Thrun , come on, I want to see more use cases besides camera use and posting to social networks, use cases that actually work in the prototype as oppose to the popular graphic mock up demo video. Charlie Rose even brought this up when he interviewed you on his show but as I recall all you did was talk about stimulating a discussion amongst groups to figure out where to go with Project Glass or bring up concept examples, none which was demonstrable. It's difficult in this very early stage to see if this is much more than novelty hype
First of did you take that piccc!!!
It's soooo cool!!
and second of all, he's a cute kid!!!!!
queen g
Wow. Such a good shot.
Fun photo! Hope he didn't get too dizzy :)
Hold on tight Brotherman!
Don't care about what Tom Malicki i have no one to talk to
u really tring to kill that boy??????
Nice picturisation of the moment & the expression of the cute boy.
Love it.
Hmmmmm, yeah so... how did you take that picture?
He's Cute nd funy :-)
How is this image captured(if it is from a camera on glasses) so clear and blur/shake free, with the subject focussed properly.
Hehe; love this! I've wanted to try this for a while, though I'm afraid my son might be too big by now.
howd you take this photo? (sorry, didnt wana scroll thru 300+ comments to see if someone else asked)
oh shut up that boy is not hurt kendall do you see him crying he's smileing
That looks so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)<3 LOL
Awesome photo looks like your having fun:)!! Your little boy is so adorable:)
Nice work. How did you trigger the camera? timer or someone rotating with you?
1.cover ur mouth with your hand
2.wisper a wish in ur hand this on 3 other comments
4.than check ur hand
thats pretty cool/ nice position
My head is getting so dizzy
GoPro? Or, maybe a homemade device to mount the camera to your head, ha!
I miss when my dad used to spened time with me.
mabe he put the camera around his neck.
aww he's so cute!! he looks like he's having fun! :)
You guys almost have the same name XD
+Michael Comia I totally agree with you on this, the camera is great but that seems to be just bait to me-I want to see more, something more useful than a camera. 
Awesome. So inspiring to see technology finally being applied like this. Looking forward to seeing how far you guys can take this.
How the hell did u take this pic!?
Awesome picture! you can see he was having fun!
+Israel Rojas He's a cybernatic lifeform sent back in time to kill this child. This image was taken from his chip shortly after he was dismantled. Skynet owns this profile now.
Aww that is so cute:)

...and me and the person taking the photo?
Technology to take picture $100, cellphone $500, having fun with your son Priceless!!!!
i wish my dad could still do that to me lol and that little boy is adorable
By the way which hand did you use to press the shutter?
HOW ON EARTh did you manage to catch a pic of that???
i think thats a good picture!! its good i like it
Project Glass. Amazing. And this is just what it is doing with photos... this could change so much.
Great picture! I have my $$ put back just waiting to know where I need to send it. How about an eta on those glasses?
That is so awesome
I'm not reading all these comments so I'm just gunna say it, how did you take this picture!?!
Nick P
actually 19
amazing!!! where did you buy that camera?
cool... how did u take dat pic.. its awesome....
Not only is Jasper having the time of his life, but he'll remember this time for the rest of his life.
u monster u can just see him screaming for his life, the real question is, when will u let go?...
Sweet! Can't wait to see this product in it's final stages and released!
Great example of a picture not possible with a traditional camera +Sebastian Thrun! (sorry if that's above this comment 497 times already, I didn't check...)
哇塞,这东西好啊,欣赏,中国的山寨哪去了?快来啊 ps,the last post
Cool can't wait for them to go out to beta testers!
Hope I'm one of the lucky one's
Sebastian Thrun - I think I have a good idea on how Project Glass could be used differently, interestingly. Write to me for more details (
I have to say, this is one of the best pictures I have ever seen.
Google glass 项目开启人机互动新时代
Con google glasses ahora las fotos tendrán otra dimension, otra perspectiva y una manera diferente de apreciarlas. Estan cambiando todo nuevamente xDD
awesome - he looks like he's having so much fun!  Very special to capture moments with your kids like this...
This is truly amazing. Everything abut this picture makes you feel like you were their. Great job google.
+Ebrahim Bahramian تو خجالت نمیکشی؟ اینجا چیکار می کنی بین این همه آدم! فکر کردی پیدات نمیکنم؟!
Это на google glass фотография сделана? 
А спосите я сейчас улечу а-а-а-аааааааа!!!!!!!
Happy and many more. This is Frances Mahan, need help in deciding to take a course on data and science. Not much experience but willing to learn. Good creating ideas and new inventions in technology and space. Give me your feedback.
...; Happy Birthday to you dear Sebastian :-)
The original Google Glass pitch photo! This lovely beauty shot sold me....
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