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Great shot of emerald bay.
Nice picture! Where has it been taken from?
i was there on a view point up on the hill in summer 2001.

also grand canyon, bryce canyon.
"caliente" in nevada was impressive.

big sur was cool. museums in san francisco were cool. my favorite as far as i remember was with dynosaurs or some fossil stones ?!
-> i've seen berkeley -> very cool atmosphere there. they had a relatively big basketball-"room" there.

in new york the beach "little odessa" was the coolest!!!! some scenes from "the sopranos" remember me of it ... harlem was also cool, but "little odessa" has coolest atmosphere

would like to go there again. new york is my favorite city!

i remember "easy internet"-chain or something (dont remember the name properly ... also remember i listened to german internet radio there ... they had an interesting paying system for internet there)
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