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Hello Google+. Long time no see.

Y'all, I feel like this is really important for all Doctor Who fans to read! It's the limey scourge!

Doctor Who comes from England to Invade American Children’s Minds and Backsides | ChristWire

The best thing about waking up early and having to be at work today is knowing there is a new adventure with the Doctor waiting at the end of the day.

Bah humbug! It all starts again tomorrow. Football. A stupid stupid thing that affects the WHOLE city every fall. Dictating all my movements on homegame Saturdays. Oh how I dread the coming of this each year. And yet, I will know the outcome of each game, the names of the star players, the wrong moves Coach Dooley will make etc. I don't give a shit! But I'll know. Damn this town. 

Sometimes I am sad that I am not Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. However, I AM Erin and that's like the next best thing (in the being a stacked sexy redhead department. Not in the being a rich and successful actress department).

Things are pretty much sucky today. I need beer and sympathy. Today is why dive bars were created.

Just finished canning my very first batch of pickled okra. Wish me luck! 

Rocking out to my new vinyl copy of She's So Unusual. Cyndi Lauper is still one of my heroes. 

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My most favorite tattoo I have ever seen. Wish it was on me first! 

Dance party at my house y'all. But only if you can groove to Alley Oop.
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