Removing Elite/Frontier content

Recently we've been in contact with Frontier Developments about our use of various bits of content from the Elite/Frontier universe. After some discussion we've made the decision to remove content from Pioneer that is directly copied from Elite or Frontier.

Much of this has already been done anyway with the conversion to SGModel, but there's still a few things left. The main things to go are the Lanner (but will remain in the badge logo) and Lave & surrounding systems.

I'll remind you all here that we haven't considered Pioneer to be a clone of Frontier for a while now. We've always drawn a lot of inspiration from Elite and Frontier and that won't change, but this gives us an opportunity to step out and forge our own identity a bit, rather than living in Frontier's shadow.

For the record, this is not in response to any kind of warning or threat from Frontier Developments. On the contrary, we had an extremely productive discussion with them, and they love Pioneer and offered to help us in quite a few interesting ways that would have given them very little benefit. Its not my place to go into detail publically, but I do want to take the opportunity to thank them for taking the time to talk to us and trying to find ways to support us.

On to the next chapter for Pioneer!
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