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Michael Ireland
Pure, distilled awesomeness.
Pure, distilled awesomeness.


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Brain Freeze May Help Migraine Sufferers
I will test this the next time I get a migraine.

As many people (even here on Tha Ploos) might know, I suffer from what used to be called the "Classic Migraine," the type of migraine that is accompanied by auras, visual anomalies, nausea, vomiting, loss of motor function, facial numbness, and so-on. The headache that comes with it is often only a relatively small component of the overall suffering.

If I can reduce the problem simply be sucking back a lime slushie or stuffing my face with some Rocky Road ice cream, then hellz yeah sign me up!

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Found this lovely creature protecting my garden this morning.

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Fireworks, Korean style :D
Give it a name for this photo
What do you feel from this shot? burning building? Dancing night? I took this beautiful shot when Lotte Tower celebrate its opening by this fireworks in last April. I couln't take my eyes off this 20 minutes magic show. Let's give it a perfect name of this photo. Any good idea?

Photo @Lotte World Tower, Jamsil, Seoul
April 2017

#fireworks to celetrate its opening in #Seoul
The great magic show in Korea #mytravelstory

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+SciShow always has interesting vids. +Hank Green does a great job explaining stuff :D

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Pepper Review: Brazilian Starfish (Orange)
Possibly our new all-time favourite!!

These things are amazing!! I found myself craving them and few hours later, but I only had one ripened pod lol. I'm sooooo looking forward to having more of these. I only wish I had more plants.

The vid is shorter in part because I had a technical issue ... He videos were shot in 4k mode and the software barfed on the h.265 codec. I had to switch to h.264 and 1080p for the shooting.

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Sharing again, hopefully it's properly animated.

The new Google photos sharing method seems great, but breaks things a little. Not good for sharing animated images.

Anyhoo, as before, I'm just showing off my beautiful wife. I'm a lucky man!

We went to the Calgary Zoo yesterday. It was a tough slog due to my sciatica, but it was worth it. I just had to take a lot of breaks.
Animated Photo

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My beautiful wife!


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Grilling time for my birthday! Tenderloin steaks! Aw yeah!

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For any of my G+ peeps who sew, my wife has just posted her first video review of a pattern she picked up from a French company Wear Lemonade. If you're into sewing clothes, fire her a note to say Hi and she'll get back to you eventually (if she ever steps away from the sewing machine long enough LOL).

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