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Posting on my google blog is new.

What isn't new at this point?! New job, new home and new year. All is pretty awesome right now. I moved to Victoria in September and it's been an adventure. I found a cute little bakery to employ myself. That's fun. Decorating, meeting new people and some paperwork. Maybe the paperwork part isn't so fun. 
Nymeria has the energy of a puppy with caffein for blood, so she's always keeping me busy. We go on lots of exploring dates through the woods and to the doggy parks. She's growing very fast, it's awesome to watch her little brain develop so quickly. 
I've started roller skating. I'm pretty good! Well, excluding the whole stopping thing. On Tuesday nights I work as a non skating official for the derby team in Victoria. I am becoming more comfortable with the rules of the game and getting to know some of the girls. Those are some bad ass chicks. 

Alright, well there's a little blurb. Let's see how well I do at keeping up with this. 

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