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Katie O'Keefe
Catholic musician and blogger, aspiring writer, and youthful grandma
Catholic musician and blogger, aspiring writer, and youthful grandma
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Professionalism and Perfectionism
I love to learn new things. I love to dig into something I don't know about, wrestle with it, defeat it and claim victory with my proverbial foot to its proverbial neck. I live in a world of ideas and possibilities, so it's only reasonable that I should wan...

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My thoughts on the attack at my campus yesterday. Thankfully, it was not a shooter, but a disturbed young man who ran his car into a crowd of people and then started stabbing them. The only person to lose his/her life was the suspect. Still, the wounds are fresh...

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What Happens When It's YOUR Campus?
Orton Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University I had made up my mind right after prayers this morning. I was going to write about the Mother of the Eucharist. But I got a text from the Campus Public Safety Department at about 10 AM telling me there w...

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Socrates, Crito, and the 2016 Election
One of my favorite things about Philosophy is how evergreen it is. It's amazing to me that something that was written in 350 BC can be so very relevant to what we do every day, but I guess that's the entire point of the philosophical adventure --getting to ...

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How do you win the battle against depression?
I have never taken a life, but I have tried to. I have tried on more than one occasion to take my own life. When the enemy is someone that you carry with you through everything that you do, it's hard to hear what's true and what is a lie. Sometimes those li...

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#NotOkay: Sexual Assault and the Politics of Winning
Trigger Warning -- Sexual Assault Descriptions "Silence" -  Johann Heinrich Fuessli (1741 - 1825) Canadian journalist, Kelly Oxford (@kellyoxford), has been running a Twitter campaign in response to Donald Trump's 2005 remarks regarding the treatment of wom...

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An Open Letter to my Friends Who Engage in Food Stamp Recipient Shaming
Dearest Friends, My husband and I have had a rough life. We have been on food stamps, have received Medicaid for many years, went without a car for about five years, and even went with no heat and no hot water for a few years. At one point, we were actually...

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What can we get from a choir? A lot!

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What does it mean to have a moral dilemma? If you are an American Voter, you might be stuck with one right now.

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On Moral Dilemmas and Not Giving Up the Ship
"Oil on Troubled Waters" by Frank Mason  A friend of mine put this quote up on my Facebook page
today: "You must not abandon the ship in a storm because you
cannot control the winds… What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make
as little bad as you ...
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