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Pumpkin-Caramel Baked Doughnuts
Birthday girl requested pumpkin, so pumpkin she got —and not in any ordinary pumpkin bread sort of way. Because the best kinds of friendships send you to the innovation board, also known as a mesh of Google recipe search results... ...Until you have her fav...

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Triple Chocolate Oat Cake
S ince this has pretty much become a chocolate cake blog, here's a new one: moist subtly sweet cake with a hint of cinnamon studded with chocolate chips and cocoa-encased oatmeal—all covered in a just-thick-enough layer of rich buttery chocolate frosting wi...

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Nutella Mousse Cake
The good news is that if, by chance, you cut this cake and serve about half of it, and the remainder topples over into not-so-pretty layers, the creamy Nutella mousse+moist chocolate layer cake combo is still just as dreamy as in its original form. I am now...

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Fig Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese
First off, you should know these are not really figs. They are wigs. Because when my roommates first picked them off the neighbor's tree, the name was their way around the law (that doesn't really exist). More importantly, one of them invented this wondrous...

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How to Make a Simple Yet Awesome Recipe Booklet
The end of a life season has a certain power to make my tear ducts drizzle with emotion, even though I claim to not be much of a crier. That's when I whip out words on paper to commemorate the significance of it to those I shared it with. Usually it's in a ...

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Pesto Pasta Salad
Pasta salad has become the love language of the summer of 2016. It's just so multiplicitous. I can make a whole batch for a family in the sleepless newborn state of life (and maybe hoard a few lunch servings), and they too can pull it out for insta-meal aft...

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Best Birthday Cakes of My 20s+30 Reflections at 30
The have nots of my 20s haunted my ascent to 30. I have not
married, or even come close. I have not had children. I have not bought a home.
I have not owned a dog. The approaching-30, not-quite-where-you-thought-you’d-be-in-life
shame is real, and it’s crue...

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Bavarian Cream Cake
One magical day, homemade layers of chocolate cake and creamy something or other appeared in my fridge, courtesy of my roommate's church dinner. Maybe it was because I had suffered through consuming overly sweet icing from a local bakery that most of the wo...

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Oatmeal Cookie-Topped Brownies
On an Alabama "snow day," meaning it might possibly snow and so everyone goes home, I'm attempting to do my job from my couch in PJ pants late on a Friday afternoon, and all I can think about is baking warm and cozy chocolate something. I'm thinking brownie...

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Apple-Cranberry Baked Oatmeal
Every time I go, I wonder why it's taken me so long to come back. And sometimes that's just five days. The serenity of the lake puts my soul at ease and creates spaces for quality time like none other. So far, baked oatmeal has a similar track record. My ne...
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