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Update on Meara
Hello All, I need to give an update on Meara. And then Megan and I will focus on next steps. On Thursday morning Ainsley woke Megan and I up a little after 6:00am and informed us that Meara was having a seizure and that she couldn't wake Meara up.  When Meg...

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Epilepsy Awareness Month
November is epilepsy awareness month and I happened to explain to a parent at my school what SUDEP was.  She was asking about Meara and she had heard of SUDEP.  Concerned, she asked if Meara was at risk and I responded yes.  I could tell that she wanted to ...

Post has attachment keeps stealing moments.
You know you've wrecked your garden when you neglect it. Better yet, in my case... I've planted the seeds too deep. If it all were to make sense I would have figured this out a long long time ago. Problem is no one comes around enough. Speaking of my fits o...

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There is a lot to reconcile in life. Whether it is your journey, your mate's journey, or your neighbor's. Everyone has "stuff" to reconcile. And the "stuff" can multiply and dissolve at any moment. I grew tired of questioning. One reason I left Facebook and...

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Finding Joy…in Matilda (the pet whale)
This rambling of thoughts is less about Meara specifically and more about my frustration with living amongst the world that she is growing up in.  Though it's not about my reality…more about the reality that surrounds me.  Does that make sense?  Yeah, doesn...

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Everything that broke my heart has made me rethink why and how I should spend my time living.  Everyone has their share of hurt and everyone has moments when they lose their mind. Then, light.  And imperfection. And joy, and love.  And laughter. Every day i...

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A Pilgrimage
Megan shared a blog post with me from Thanksgiving 2013.  It was frightening.  An opening that felt incredibly intense.  A sense of fracture and imagery that just pierced the already fragile day to day existence that I've come to inhabit lately.  Meara is d...

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Ask Megan.  It's been quite some time since I've written.  Part of it is that I need solitude.  I need to pursue the truth that there is something bigger than me.  This journey, this space, whatever it is that you want to call it, this place that I inhabit…...

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Shunt Revision Surgery
This week the CSF built up in Meara's head and wasn't draining like it should.  Finally, after she threw up Thursday we called Childrens and took her in on Friday for a MRI and consult.  The MRI showed that her ventricle was enlarged, meaning that the shunt...

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Update following EEG and Neurology Visit
Meara had a EEG stay at the end of June.  Were were there for three days and during the stay she had one seizure.  The rest of the movement in her sleep they identified as arousals.  So, that is good news.  She might not be having as many as we think based ...
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