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A list of the most common purchases from mis-sold PPI claims

1. Holiday - 24%  
2. New vehicle - 22%
3. Home appliance(s) - 19%
4. Bills - 17%
5. Home furnishings - 13%
6. Put it in savings - 12%
7. Clothes - 10%
8. Gadgets - 8%
9. Shoes - 5%
10. Groceries - 3%

What would you spend your PPI claim on?
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Mortgage Mis-selling & PPI Claims

Countless mortgages that have been mis-sold by lenders & brokers weren't in their clients' best interests

If the Financial Service Authority's (FSA) rules were not followed, homeowners may be eligible for a claim for compensation.

Many thousands of homeowners have experienced poor advice given by their lender & broker, resulting in them taking out an unsuitable mortgages.

Check A Claim provide a service for people who are in this situation, to make a claim for compensation.

Are you eligible for a Mortgage Mis-selling claim?      
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Have you been mis-sold an interest-only mortgage? find out now if you have a claim.  #missold   #mortgage   #banking   #claim  
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If you feel you have a missold mortgage claim or a PPI claim click on the link below. #Missold   #PPI   #Mortgage   #Claims  
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RBS may face full-year losses of up to £8bn, after the bank said it needed another £3.1bn for claims relating to the financial crisis. #PPI   #Mortgage   #Missold   #Banks   #RBS  
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We also have a facebook page. #facebook   #Like   #Missold   #Claims   #PPI   #Mortgages  
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An example of mortgage mis-selling

Charmaine Emptage:

Charmaine Emptage and her partner had a £40,000 mortgage due to be repaid in 2015. She was advised to borrow £110,000 and use the £70,000 to buy a Spanish property. The crash rendered the property almost worthless, so what could she do?

The adviser firm was insolvent so Ms Emptage went to the FSCS. Their initial decision was to award her £12,000 which was not much help. She took her case to the High Court who found that her position should be restored to where she was before she received the negligent advice. The FSCS appealed, but the Appeal Court upheld the decision and awarded Ms Emptage almost £100,00 in compensation.
#Missold   #Mortgage   #Banking  
Mortgage Mis-Selling
Mortgage Mis-Selling
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Mortgage Mis-Selling

If your mortgage was sold after 31/10/04, it may have been mis-sold and you could be entitled to compensation.

Your mortgage may have been sold in an incorrect manner leaving you financially disadvantaged.

Common reasons for mis-selling:

- Unaffordababiliity
- Irresponsible lending
- Treated unfairly in arrears
- Mortgage running into retirement
- Unsuitable interest only mortgage (With no reported repayment strategy)
- Information not suitably checked (Self certification)
- Remortgaging to clear debts (Extending/unsuitable term)
- Unreasonable broker fees
- Advised to remortgage from a high street lender to a sub-prime lender (See sub-prime list here)
The FSA's (Financial Service Authority) report found:

- More than 50% of mortgages supplied at the peak of the market in 2007 and 2008 were granted without requesting the borrowers proof of income.

- Nearly half of households with a mortgage taken out between 2005 and 2010 have ‘no money left or had a shortfall’ after paying their mortgage and their bills, resulting in wiped out savings and/or unavoidable debt.

Are you entitled to claim?

If you think you might be entitled to a claim, or if you would simply like to check you can contact us or see our Making A Claim page here.

Tel: 0161 777 1115

#Missold   #Mortgage   #Banking   #Lending  
Mortgage Mis-Selling
Mortgage Mis-Selling
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When you signed your loan agreement did you also sign up for PPI or Payment Protection Insurance? Have you even looked at your agreement because you may have been mis-sold PPI? Take a look at all the loans/credit cards/mortgages you have had to see if PPI or ASU (Accident, Sickness & Unemployment cover) was included on the borrowing - You may not even realise you had it!

Millions of PPI policies have been mis-sold in the UK. But what is PPI mis-selling? It is where your lender has included a single premium PPI policy without you being fully informed of the exclusions, terms and conditions and really finding out if it is appropriate for you and your needs.

PPI is meant to be there for you and to provide protection for your loan payments if you fall ill, are made redundant or lose your employment or a variety of other issues prevent you from making payments on your borrowing. Often it can happen that PPI is sold to people who do not in face qualify for the benefits, which results in mis-sold PPI and worthless cover.

All the information you need to make a claim is probably free and on the Internet. If however you want a company that acts on a No Win- No Fee basis and only gets paid if you do, charges no upfront fees, with a 25% + VAT fee which is amongst the lowest in the market and has experienced claims handlers then please call us on 0161 777 1115 or follow the link to our website. #PPI   #Claim     #Missold  
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