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Ilse Helene

by Ilse the Imaginer

Sometimes I like to sit and think,
A 'rocking in my chair,
Or in my bed late at night
Or while I braid my hair.
Sometimes I wonder 'bout the world,
Or cabbages and kings
And why the real is really real
And why birds and people sing.
Sometimes I write a poem
About my thoughts so dear,
And because I do that sometimes,
You are reading here.

Snow falls to the ground
In my poor, provincial town.
Covering the roof-tops
Making every heart stop
With fear for the next chapter
In this novel of our lives.
The king of the village, the king of the Storms
For no lost child or sheep he mourns,
This cruel tyrant hates us all
He’s even here in mid-fall.
I hate him with a flame of passion inside my heart
Because he’s split the said apart
His frozen fangs have bit the life 
Out of my father and my mother
Now I don’t have one or the other
They all say we’ll all die cold and sad  
Every lass and every lad
But I, in my hatred of that king
Have my rusty blade in hand
As if it were a fiery sword!
I’ll kill him to avenge a thousand other deaths!
Oh, be strong my heart, be swift my blade!
With this victory I have made
A free and wondrous place!
Snow vanished without a trace!
Oh wondrous and beautiful grace!

Alright, everyone! We have a winner for our contest! Here she is:


The new motto will be:

You can fly without wings!

Kjersti, I will email you with a certificate attached that you can print out (if you want). Congratulations!

Don't forget to complete the challenges, or Ask Dayna! :)

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Challenge #2

This is the challenge:
Ask Dayna the Dragonfly a question!! You can ask her for advice, or about herself, or about anything!!
 She will answer!

So there was this 4th of July fair, and the face painting did HIBISCUS!!! I didn't get it, but I wish I had, not just because of the Studio C reference!

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Challenge 1

Post about how you feel about pets! Do you have, hate, want, or miss one? Tell us about it!


Hi! So I recently did a poem post on my pond. Now I'm going to give you an update:
My pond has a plastic bottom. It has 2 floating water Hyacinths. There are 2 little islands and 2 goldfish, Goldenrod and Neptune.

We also have 4 frogs, Billy, Spottedleaf, Leopard, and another I can't remember. Living on land near the pond are two animals. A newt named Atlantis chose to come, and a snail named Drama Snail was captured by us. So, yeah.


We're probably going to home school next year! The pond will be science. We will do a lot of online courses. So yeah.

Also, my Aunt and Uncle are visiting in August! Yay!

What's happening in your life?

Contest 1
by Dayna
Hi! This is Dayna the dragonfly. Right now, our motto is Be happy! But Ilse and I feel like we could have a better one. So comment below with what you think should be the motto. Ilse and I will judge-please, no hard feelings if you lose! We will post the winner after August first-or when enough people have entered. Thank you!


My pond
My pond is green
Full or pine needles
And dead leaves
In my tiny back yard.
In it live
Goldenrod and Neptune
Two goldfish.
Four frogs
For which
Two islands were built
One of dirt
And one of rock.
We love our pond
But not
The water fleas and mosquito larvae
We had to buy
To feed our animals.
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