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Link to Talk at BECPL on Deciphering the Enchanted Landscape of Buffalo-Niagara

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The third vision occurred the day after the vision of the cosmic tree.  I meditated, with  Virginia, who was the perfectly grounded visionary woman for this  kundalini transmission This splendid dancing artist priestess befriended me and loved me ceremonially, thereby  uplifting my love and upholding my spirit.  We meditated about 20 minutes and during that time, I had a micro vision of Sanna; she appeared on a low ridge, and swept her right arm to motion behind her,  where  the midnight sun was rising on the crest as an immense black violet star.  The  power  radiating from this  ultra ultra violet star was the highest most exalted prana, and it dawned on a new world, below  the senses, in the liminal realm, in the limbic brain. In the pineal gland there’s a  sacred brew of  molecules that work like rocket fuel, making Quetzalcoatl  jet trails all the way to the galactic center, where, there’s a simulacra of our brains, with the serpent ladder leading to the “otherworlds”.  The midnight sun rises in the imagination like a phoenix, revealing an immortal vision encoded in our junk DNA.  Practice the sitting meditation, concentrate, feel for what's inside. Treat yourself as kindly as you treat others.         

A Hypnogogic Experience: a Journey Through a Cosmic Portal
By Franklin LaVoie, Buffalo Niagara
Death and mourning led me to a cosmic portal, and an encounter with a “serpent ladder”.  Death was the crucial factor.  In May, 2005, I was in Tulum, Mexico, for a memorial service to honor the life of Sanna Parker, a  cosmic person and a mighty fine friend.  Some family and friends gathered in Tulum to celebrate Sanna‘s life and memory.  We participated in the ceremony called Lifting the Shadow.
 I arrived at the Buffalo Airport, May 18th, 2005, at around 5:30 AM.  Turns out, I didn’t know my itinerary: no departure time; flight number; connecting city; not even what airline I was flying on.  To make matters worse, I had to enter all this information into a computer terminal before I could even approach somebody for assistance.    The pressure of not knowing my departure time, coupled with feeling idiotic, plus the computer’s hindrance, all caused emotional upheaval. I was the fool.  I was steeped in meditation practice, so, I simply observed all this, and forgave myself quickly. What’s the worst that could happen? I’d have to stay home, I could live with that.  It was a sticky situation for 15 minutes, until my friends arrived. We got our tickets and were on our way.  I’d cut myself some slack, and behaved nicely when upset. I’d passed the first test.  We got to Tulum that afternoon, and the next evening we're participating in the ritual called “Lifting the Shadow”.  This ceremony was exquisitely performed by two of Sanna’s close and mystical friends from Tulum.  I appreciated every word and gesture they made, it felt like a timeless ritual.  Ceremonially, thirteen candles were burning for three days, on a simple cross, bound with flowers, bound with prayers.  On the third day we brought the rosey-cross to the sea, and offered prayers on Sanna’s behalf, thanking the universe for her 52 year sojourn with us. 
The second day, we headed to Playa Paradiso, or Paradise Beach.  Myself, and seven of Sanna’s  family and friends, all women, accept me.  I put on a mask, snorkel, and fins, and headed for the water.  When up to my crotch in water two things happened simultaneously: four large fish nearly brushed my knees; and, a voice just like thunder, clearly spoke my name: “Franklin LaVoie”.  In an instant, I dismissed the voice as some sort of auditory hallucination, “maybe a dump truck grinding its motor”; I'd assumed my auditory nerves had dredged up my name from memory somehow.  But, the fish, on the other hand, were plainly real, so I went swimming before turning around.  Some minutes later I discovered that I was swimming with my fanny pack on, it contained my wallet, my fancy new camera, my money, and ID, plus my papers to return to the States.  How do you say “Crap!” in Mayan? 
This was deeply disturbing but, without skipping a beat I  lightened up on myself. I didn’t piss ‘n’ moan to make matters worse.  However, taking it lightly appeared to be easier for me than the others.  No one was laughing but me.  Virginia was kind and sympathetic, we laughed.  I quipped that I was “just having a little trouble in paradise”.  I spared myself a lot of grief while my wet items dried.  It hadn’t escaped my attention that I was at Playo Paradiso, in “Paradise” , and the sun was on the zenith conjunct the Seven Sisters, and here I was in ceremony with seven women.  Meanwhile, I’d just emerged from the ocean with my I.D.- “all washed up”.   What if I’d turned to discover the thunderous voice?  This probably wouldn’t have happened. My decision to be kind, forgive myself, and lighten up (despite the resistence I was feeling,) seems paramount to what happened next.  Incidently, I'd passed the second test.  
On the third day, all the women went to another beach “even nicer”, they reported, than Playo Paradiso.  But I chose to stay behind at the cabana, to be alone and meditate.  I sat quietly on a hammock meditating, as waves softly stroked the beach. Pleasant to the point of sublime! Suddenly! a jaguar stepped into my mind‘s eye!  [Understand, I’m wide awake, with my eyes closed, and yet, I’m suddenly dreaming vividly!]  A large jaguar from my right flank, lays down in front of me, with a cat’s air of non chalance and animal trust. Although something extraordinary was happening, I continued to observe quietly and follow the breath.  I became aware of a white pyramid in the distance. It was flanked by two human figures in the foreground.  It seemed these two were also very intent upon this jaguar.  Maybe this lasted several minutes.  When suddenly, a snake rose up right in my face.  It looked beautiful and wise, yet dangerous; it was sentient, venerable, immeasurably exquisite.  I knew instinctively it was here to swallow me.  I was thrilled (I was having an honest to GoD vision!) I loved everything about this snake as I went into its mouth, throat, neck. I felt no fear, only thrilling love. I was swallowed whole; surrendering to her beauty, her wisdom; everything triggered unconditional love.  In the darkness of her belly I thought, dissolving, “love you love you love you“. Trusting the process, I dissolved into emptiness.  Simultaneously, I was on the beach, wide awake, meditating.  Apparently I'd passed the third and final test.  Ecstatic on account of this psychic phenomenon, I managed to sit still and meditate.
Minutes later, another vision occurred. I’m under the sea, heading east over the reefs.   There are two guides (like dolphins), one on each side, behind me.  We’re heading out, perpendicular to the shore, out to the continental shelf; from there, straight down to the ocean’s abyssal plain, then further down, into utter darkness and oblivion.  Meanwhile, on the beach I’m listening to the waves, when it strikes me, that I’m right between North and South America, and this strikes me as the two hemispheres of the brain. Central America is like the corpus callosum; and the Yuccatan is the Thalamus (which helps regulate waking and dreaming.) The reefs I’ve just crossed resembled sulci in the neocortex; the continental shelf was like one side of the fissure of commisure; the abyssal plain was comparable to the dense corpus callosum that spreads below the fissure of commisure.  I realized that my brain’s physiology was out-pictured as the “other world”, as after this world. The Yuccatan jungle now corresponded with the conscious world of the senses, or “maya”- the Mayan Jungle. While the sea corresponded to the “other world” of the unconscious mind, the magic realm, where archetypal imagination and dreamtime sprout, where great forces in the spirit occassionally emerge from behind veils, darkness, and the uncharted depths of our ignorance. The shoreline was a liminal territory where the creatures of the sea sometimes met the creatures of the land; but also, a primeval boundary line, where the conscious and unconscious mind met, and carried on a liminal relationship with a lost world on the other side. This offers a fresh glimpse into the nature of Atlantis, and other sunken worlds in myths and legends.
Like the mythical diving figure depicted on the Temple of the Descending God at the ancient ruins of Tulum, I found myself descending into a cosmic portal beyond the reefs, far below the waves, in the darkness of oblivion.  There’s a worm hole, or serpent ladder at the core of the world, as well as our own brain’s core. Where the deepest and highest functions of our physiology involve union with the “afterlife”, through the “other world”.  The images that arose in the mind’s eye were out-picturing my body’s physiology, while orchestrating these esoteric functions of the psyche. The currents of kundalini, ascending and descending currents or charges of psychic chi, are involved with safeguarding the serpent ladders. Personified as the Hero Twins they correspond with Gemini on the planisphere. They are guardians and psychopomps, and whatevers. The jaguar and the serpent seem to be archetypal motifs constellated among the heavenly choirs, and also as players in the “other world”, where they are the guardians, minders, and disguisers, of the secret: the worm hole, or serpent ladder, or dragon path,  at the core of our consciousness.  Our nervous system is like an upside-down coral fan, precipitated out of a sea of watery emotions that go all the way back to the cosmic Creation.  Certain specific physiological features in people coincide with geographic features in the “other world”, and maybe vice versa.  What I was seeing and experiencing proprioceptively: the direction of awareness through the body‘s physiology, became the images out-pictured in stages of a journey to Xibalbabe, and the Pleiades, while in sitting meditation in Middle-earth, at Zamas, in Tulum.
Minutes later, the vision resumed:  I’m rising to the surface from the dark watery abyss.  All is a paradox:   My trajectory is still downward, but I’m coming up out of the sea, which is a buoyant ascent, but on the other side it feels like still descending…Even stranger, I can make out the  world beyond the waves, illuminated behind the ocean’s surface is a landscape with a pyramid, as viewed from the sky!?! :  I’m rising out of the ocean and descending from the sky simultaneously.  I know the “other world” is full of paradoxical situations and this was certainly one of them.
   Now I’m at ground level looking at another style of pyramid.  It’s made of white stones; it’s a step pyramid; I’m observing architectural features that look like geometric shapes, crystals, shells, feathers, and so forth.  I’m aware that this temple is an archetypal image, like the Heavenly City; it’s bio-cosmic imagery, it’s architectural motifs, relate to cosmic ages and the reproduction called Life; put another way, it’s a design template (temple) behind Conscious awareness. I later mused that the ruins of Tulum (and other sacred sites) were an attempt to reproduce this psychic-bio-cosmic image of the Eternal City.
    I knew that I’d entered Xi Balba Be: in the all-pervading galactic core, the Hu Nob Ku,  City of White Stones, upon whose walls drape beautiful shady groves, incense laden trees, snow white moonstones.  A very comfortable realm with unique symmetrical promenades shaped like the jaguar snout motif.  I’m aware of people they are aware of me, but I don’t see anyone.  I’m looking for Sanna, as I wind through wide marble passages, enjoying the peaceful welcoming ambiance and shade trees.  I’d entered the House of the Dead and of Shadows,  the Underworld, Xibalbabe.  Its white walls glow like lotus petals, an imperceptible breeze the fragrance of floral trees. My soul had descended on the current called the ida, drawn down by the full moon‘s energy, through a worm hole (the serpent’s mouth) to the microcosmic orbit, the compressed core of an all-pervading singularity, the galactic core, at the root chakra.  This is where the soul descends and reunites with loved ones and friends, after life.  It’s not at all hellish, rather pleasant, like very bright moonlight on white marble terraces under shady bowers of greenery. 
During the descent into the abyss, in the emptiness of oblivion, my awareness split in two.  One part continued descending, and the other ascended to this. 
    Simultaneously, (how’s that for a paradox?) I’m looking over a beautiful archipelago, at a vast cluster of islands in a heavenly sparkling realm of the sunlit sea.  Rising sunbeams splay their fingers through clouds framing the rich archipelago in a glistening haze.  I’m gazing on the Central Sun, Alcyon “all-cyon”, the Blue Star, rising beyond the Pleiades, Playo Ides- Central Beach of Paradise.  In the liminal world, I see Paradise Islands in a shimmering sea, a sublime archipelago; meanwhile, the vision coincides with a proprioceptive glimpse at the ventricles in the brain, made possible by the white flame glowing from my heart now.  The Paradise-Always Islands are connected to the crown chakra, and the sky zenith, and the ventricles of the brain. It’s an archetypal mirage of Paradise enfolding the pineal gland together inside the brain.
 It‘s love, unselfish love, that sears the heart, causing life to rise out of its pain like a phoenix, lifting the spirit all the way to the Paradise Isles, in heaven’s crown, above and beyond the noonday sun.  Now, her “symphony and song” informed me that “Sanna has the Central Beach of Paradise for her dance ceremonies, which are the best ever.”  With these words like solar flares the sacred river rose in me and flowed from my eyes “like a mountain stream gushes by both sides of a rock.” Neither sobs nor weeping, but steady streams of ecstasy and grace from my heart of stone that now shone white hot like the sun.  Simultaneously I was on the beach, breathing by the waves at high tide.  I was struck by a conundrum: is “the Central Beach of Paradise” a celestial place? a macrocosmic reality: Up There, in the Pleiades?  Or, was it simply a memory of Tulum, thirty-years ago, when Sanna was fully awakened right here, and leading cosmic dance ceremonies, during the psychedelic ‘70’s, right where I sat? Paradoxically, it seems both ideas convey aspects of the truth.  I could now feel Sanna’s spirit as large as Tulum. She became illuminated there, this place pervaded her essence in eternal bliss.  I sat meditating, eager for a vision to arise, entrained to the sound of the sea waves as they strummed the shoreline.  I pondered the phrase “Playo Ides”; Ides [like the ides of March] implying the middle of the beach, the Central Shore, Alcyon, in the Pleiades, in Taurus, in the Dwaat, where I've come from. [More on that another time.]  I saw connections between: the corpus callosum and the mind’s eye; between the vast underworld of caves and underground streams that riddle the Yuccatan Penninsula, and the ventricles and sulci and all the subtleties in the human brain.  The sun was grazing the zenith. My heart held a mirror to this.  I recognized the Hero Twins as Gemini; I understood the twins as personifications of the Ida and Pingala, connected by the root and the crown chakras, associated to Tragedy and Comedy. I understood them to be guardians of the serpent ladders, which connect Xibalba Be, at galactic center, conjunct the moon, below; with the sun and the Pleiades grazing the zenith, each 20th of May, at noon. The cosmic portal was opened outside by the constellations and planets (the sun and moon); it was opened inside, psychically, with the aid of jaguar, the Twins, the serpent, and the dolphins.  In hypnogogic encounters with these sentient figures, while in the liminal “other world” my psyche made two cosmic shifts, one up, and one down, and back again.  All the players in the vision appear in the constellations, perhaps not by coincidence.  
    After some minutes, a fourth vision ensued: I’m inside the biocosmic temple, that same pyramid that I’ve seen from the outside, I’m inside now, and it’s composed of glowing spheres, in geometric tiers, arranged in exquisite order.  Behind the spheres are deep geometric nests, made of more glowing spheres.  I study the patterns hoping I’ll recall this later.  While I’m concentrating, a chant like a sing song: “Play-at-ease! - Pleiades, play-at-ease...”  More like “pull-lay-at-ease“, accent on the first syllable, heavenly and blissfully.  “Pull Lay at ease. Pleiades!” This rhythmic rhyme buzzes like a bee, I slowly materialize back into my fully waking consciousness, from a meditation as deep as oblivion.  My whole genetic field felt at ease, like I was vibrating at a molecular frequency perfectly “attuned”, so my DNA was whole and well, in tune with the ocean, in tune with the sky, in tune with electron shells of love in all directions, fully at peace and at ease. My heart of stone now felt like the sun.   Relief is corporeal.  The ceremony called “Lifting the Shadow” succeeded in lifting my shadow.  It’s clear that Sanna’s soul and spirit have made it to their ideal ends: her soul’s back home in heaven; and her spirit’s dancing freely in Paradise. She was a real emissary of light, returned to the bio-cosmic temple, a beloved celebrity now.  The cosmic portal, formed by The Pleiades, the Sun, Middle-Earth, the Moon, and the Galactic Center, in a straight line (from top to bottom,) at noontime, on May 20, 2005, at Tulum was still open. 
The animal totems that appeared in this vision, like the jaguar, and serpent,  the guards, and the dolphins, have archetypal roles.  The guards were akin to The Hero Twins, they stood for great forces in the spirit called the “Lord of the House of the Dead and of Shadows”,  and “Conqueror- Son of Burning Heat”.  Consistent with mythology, the vision helps us understand a function of these “great forces in the spirit”.  They are archetypal entities at home in psyche’s “other world”.  They are constellated in, and occupy our unconscious mind.  They are spiritual forces, and liminal personae, able to cross the threshold between the worlds, and to appear in dreams of portent, in a vision, or even, perhaps, as apparitions.  They are mercurial and alchemical; knowing something about them and their symbolic milieu, can open a dialogue, offering some understanding when they appear in meditation, or out there in the world of appearances. The idea that autonomous “great forces in the spirit” dwell on the other side of a veil, and may never appear to the waking mind’s-eye, gives pause to ask: what else am I not seeing?  What other mythical, legendary, or unknown wonders have simply chosen not to step out from behind that veil of awareness?  Perhaps this helps to explain an instinctual trepidation about psychedelics. Fear of the unknown.  Entheogens are one way to access the mind’s eye, and to part the veil between the worlds.  However, a good grasp of archetypal psychology, alchemy, and metaphysics, provides a foundation for knowing these experiences intelligently, for reducing them psychologically when necessary, and for seeing things as transpersonal, and therefore with less personal morbidity.     
My journey through the cosmic portal included these emotional challenges, like toll barriers, that challenged me to show some graces.  My gentleness kindness and respect toward myself and others, gave courage to these actors from the “other world”, so they felt safe to step through the veil into my waking mind’s eye, and to serve as psychopomps.  The limbic brain is the emotional sensory system, including the pineal gland with its hugely  powerful hallucinagenic molecules. These molecules may well be involved with accessing the otherworld, or envisioning spontaneously the great forces in the spirit that inhabit the otherworld.  I started calling the "otherworld" "hyperspace" early in 1988. Copyright 2012 

Journey Through a Cosmic Portal. Part Two: Salvation’s Seed
In “Journey Through a Cosmic Portal,” Part One, A Serpent Ladder, I included a description of a serpent ladder that led to galactic center, and simultaneously, to the Pleiades.  On May 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2005, during sitting meditations, in Tulum, Mexico, I experienced vivid , visceral, and dramatic psychic events that occurred just like dreams, yet, I was wide awake.  This coincided with a celestial alignment of the Pleiades, sun, full moon, and galactic center from zenith to nadir.  This was completely unexpected.  It’s a true story. 
I went to Tulum with a “heart of stone”  to participate in a memorial service for  Sanna, who left this world in January of 2004.  Sanna lived in Tulum, during the 1970’s and 80’s, where she co-produced ecstatic dances and music events at the beach; she also led huge beach clean-ups in Tulum; opened an after-school  center for kids, and much more.  In 2005 some of her family and friends had come together in Tulum to honor her memory there.  Sanna was a blazing star who made a big impression on people.  Her friends in Tulum felt she was a genuine saint.  I called her “Sanna-Christ Super Star”, she playfully called me “Doctor Galaxy”. Sanna was the most enthusiastic person I ever knew, but also deep and edgy at times. She got a brain tumor.  A year after surgery to remove the tumor there began an irreversible decline for another year.   I tried no grand heroics to save her.  Over her two year demise my heart became hard like flintstone. Alas.  We arrived in Tulum, and participated in the ritual called “Lifting the Shadow”.  It lasted three days, during which time I experienced three spontaneous hypnogogic visions, while in sitting meditation, on the shores of the Yuccatan.  This story has resonance with ancient Mayan motifs.
Previously, I recounted how I went through a “cosmic portal” spanning an entire week, the time it took to depart from Buffalo, until I returned. The “cosmic portal” included a planetary alignment, and more importantly, it involved personal emotional barriers which tested my capacity to remain calm and compassionate towards myself, despite my glaring lack of clarity and preparedness.  By my quickness to forgive myself , I had initiated a relationship with autonomous entities [a jaguar, a beautiful serpent, two human figures, and two dolphins, and a bio-cosmic temple/template] from “the other world” (the unconscious mind, or, a faculty of imagination usually not accessed) to serve as psychopomps on a dramatic odyssey through the “cosmic portal” which opened unpredictably in meditations.   Wherein, I visited Xi Balba Be, way down in the galactic gyre; and “Paradise Islands“, overhead in the Pleiades; these opposite poles were simultaneously accessed through my body, and in “the other world”- an inexplicable dimension, or state of awareness,  with its own ways of operating. I experienced a very vivid dream-like journey, while sitting wide awake on the shore by the Ruins of Tulum.  After the first vision, on May 20th, 2005, I felt compelled to meditate more, hoping thereby to experience another vision.  I had all I could do to remain cool and collected and appear half-sane around these seven woman I was vacationing with, while gaining a perspective on the extraordinary vision I’d just had…it was as though the Mayan myths from John Major Jenkins’ Maya Cosmogenesis 2012  (which I was then reading,)  had awakened before my mind’s eye.  This is an account of the second “vision” that occurred the following day, on May 21st, 2005, again, around Noontime, when the celestial portal was vertically aligned.  
Seven women and myself visited the Ruins of Tulum. Where is found the  Temple of the Descending God, whom many locals think to be an ancient astronaut, one of Von Donikan‘s alien visitors.  We dispersed among the ruins and the other tourists. Soon,  I stood before the second largest structure to the north of the main tower.  I walked behind this structure and sat down to meditate, hoping to experience another vision.  I sat observing my breathing.  After a spell, there was a jolt, like a small earthquake.  I  listened carefully expecting to hear the excited reactions from people throughout the site. But there was no audible reaction.  I opened my eyes to see if the waves beneath the cliff were crashing against the shore sending shock waves up to where I sat but, the ocean looked calm.  Whatever it was it felt physical; I felt  the earth nudge, jolt, shift, a small but distinct movement of the ground.   I continued  meditating.  Within minutes it happened again, the ground  shifted beneath me, and again no reaction from anyone else.   Then, a vision like a dream appeared: I’m looking  up through the celestial spheres.  On the zenith, the Pleiades appear , again, as Paradise Islands.  I‘m close enough now to see a huge nut fall from an exotic tree.  It falls from the Paradise Island, one of the Pleiades, down, down, down into Tulum.  Its dense black organic shell furnishes it with a strength, endurance, and incorruptibility, so that it can withstand the unfathomable cosmic descent.  It fell from the crown of the sky, and planted itself in Middle-Earth, long-ago.  It comes from the Pleiades.  Hard dark as Yin outside, but liquid crystal luminescence of sun-like radiance, soft and meaty, inside; bearing instructions from the upper world, pure Logos is in its DNA.  This cosmic being from the Paradise Islands is Creation’s gift to our world.  The world we know is corrupt, spoiled, and fetid by seven deadly vials of sin.  Pure fertilizer for this descending god.  This holy seed is preparing to open, it will be putting out a tap root into the etheric noosphere, into our world’s thoughts and consciousness, to feed itself on rot and fetid pain, corruption, and insanity.  Our modern diaspora is fertilizer for this etheric being- a vegetative soul with alchemical powers to transmute psychic shit into “gold”.  When this plant reaches maturity it will produce the very highest virtues of Creation, manna from heaven.  It is akin to the sun and moon trees of ancient mythology, (which J.R.R. Tolkien describes in detail in The Ainulindale of The Silmarillian.)  It will feed on the toxicity in the noosphere, changing consciousness dramatically; by metabolizing crappy thoughts and feelings into nutritious substances, it will eventually permeate the noosphere like the roots on a potted plant. An etheric astral and psychic emanation, reaching back up to heaven, and yielding the finest chi of Paradise. This tree will eventually be experienced by just about everyone in middle-earth, as a common vision, a psychic phenomenon, at the core of our dreams, in our trunks a golden sap sweeter than honey.  It will link us to the celestial light directly through our vegetative soul.  The most striking thing I recall from this vision, is the light radiating, or pouring out of the dark husk: like liquid crystal sunlight , soft, glowing, radiant beauty.  I believe this ancient celestial seed is preparing to re-animate a new world age, beginning with the etheric vegetative soul, and working upwards through the noosphere into the celestial sphere, where great forces of the spirit constellated on the celestial sphere, also operating in the “other world” of  psyche, will have this experience of the renaissance of the vegetative soul.
    This image of a heavenly seed may contain the power of salvation because it stimulates our vegetative soul’s imagination.  The virtues of heaven in a vegetative form thriving on our psychic pollution, transforming the world without judgment.  Here we have a forgiving ,and very neutralizing alchemical image.  A mechanism for global transformation that is at once organic, alchemical, mythological, and free from human error.  Its alchemy may work in a number of ways: on the vegetative etheric level-nurturing and transforming; and on the human/divine imagination- transubstantiating sacred manna out of the ethers. 
To recapitulate: Imagine a vegetable soul from the higher worlds descends in seed form, and our psychic crap is its fertilizer.  Something vegetative that can transubstantiate crappy thought forms by metabolizing them into something highly virtuous, auspicious, and stable. This was foreshadowed at Tulum.  No doubt this process will heal unconscious emotional pain, as the vegetative god transubstantiates the corrupted world soul and becomes healthier and stronger.  Eventually, it will blossom, emanating etheric gold directly within our hearts and minds.  Like an enlightened being, this tree will shine in the hearts and minds of all sentient beings.  It descended from the cosmic Creator’s higher octaves in the bio-cosmic temple, from the Pleiades.  The DNA of the Spirit Tree originated at a higher octave of the Logos. It is a superior being of real virtue, don’t let the vegetable skin fool you.  The Spirit Tree is a holy gift from heaven.  This hypnogogic vision  resonates with the Spirit Tree appearing in Quetzalcoatl’s myth.  This vision, this story, arose without my finessing it.  It’s not a fiction.  I didn’t invent it.    I experienced a series of dreamlike visions that took my awareness through a “cosmic portal” that lay off the continental shelf.   What is written here has had five years to cogitate in my mind.  The portal was like a lens that split my awareness into three parts: upper, middle, and lower worlds,  happening simultaneously, yet distinct scenes, as sometimes happens in a dream. The first vision presents a plausible description of the serpent ladder, and its association with galactic center and the Pleiades.  The second relating a salvation scenario involving a holy seed descending to earth, amplifies the motif of the Spirit Tree in Quetzalcoatl’s mythology.
I hope this provides some insights into some of the symbols and motifs in the myths and legends of the Maya, and how they can function shamanically.   The jaguar- is like the sphinx- it is monkey mind, we earn its trust to get its cooperation. The wise old serpent-is the kundalini- electric universe.  The guards-the Hero Twins-Gemini, are the Ida and Pingala personified.  The bio-cosmic temple is the Heavenly City, the anthropo-cosmic universe reaching up from the House of the Dead and of Shadows, to the Paradise Always Islands.  In the middle lies the cosmic portal hidden in every human being, guarded by  archetypal forces- personified in the unconscious, natives to the template of consciousness that we are made from.   Similar to, but different than, the Book of Revelations, the jaguar, the serpent, the twins, and the dolphins, here, are aspects of Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, and Piscis.  The first vision reveals their esoteric choreography: to protect and then to facilitate use of the cosmic portal inside each person, to access to the “other world”.  Lastly, it’s important to note that it was love, and love primarily, that made my heart of stone grow white hot releasing emotional energy strong enough to cross the vast expanse of the galaxy, to glimpse first-hand something of the salvation that opened for this great spirit soul of Sanna in the afterlife.  White hot radiant love was surely the necessary alchemy that led there and back again.
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