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Alexander Joo (Skyrien)
scientist, engineer, pursuer of knowledge, maker of things
scientist, engineer, pursuer of knowledge, maker of things

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I'm posting here because, well, it's been a while.

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It's a tragedy that some dude making a 3d printed plastic gun makes sensational headlines and draws politicians, while designers serving lives with creations such as these barely gets any notice.
Robohand: mechanical hands from a 3D printer

- After carpenter Richard Van As lost four fingers in an accident, he decided to look into creating his own mechanical replacements. 

- His research led him to props creator Ivan Owen, and together they began experimenting with 3D-printing using MakerBot machines.

- Not only were they able to create a set of mechanical fingers for Richard, their work is now transforming the lives of others.

Hello from Seattle, where it's always sunny, and trees always green!

Hello G+, so what's been going on?

Thunder in Seattle! I don't think I've seen/heard this in 2 years. Woohoo!

"As she pays him, distant thunder rolls. The boy yells something in Spanish as he runs off.

What did he say?

(accented) There is a storm coming in.

Sarah gazes at the thunderheads building up out over the desert. Heat lightning pulses in their depths.

I know.

CAMERA CRANES UP as she pulls away, driving across the flat desert on a ribbon of highway. A brilliant flash crescendos from horizon to horizon out at the rim of the world.


Hi Google+ Why is it that I can't tab between chat windows in +, but I can in Gmail?

Shockingly, people that I actually care about are posting in G+. Unexpected surprise. Maybe I have too many FB friends, or not the right kind of FB friends.

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