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I'm very pleased to present a new partner to IkigaiWay - "Swords of the East"! From time to time I get the opportunity to meet owners and operators of martia
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An example of exploring something like kata, allowing for personalization, without changing it beyond recognition.
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Unique Meetings at the USAMA Tournament Event

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 1st Annual Grand International Tournament for the United States Association of Martial Artists.

Welcome to New Partner “Swords of the East”!

I'm very pleased to present a new partner to IkigaiWay - "Swords of the East"! From time to time I get the opportunity to meet owners and op

“Don’t Walk Like an Old Japanese Man”

I was recently at an Iaido seminar working Seitei waza. The instructor, Iwakabe Hideki Sensei, was demonstrating one form in particular know


Follow please, the point is at the end: David Bowie. Changes. 1973. * * * David Bowie. Changes. 1990. * * * David Bowie. Changes. 2002.

Review: Karate 1.0 (Parameter of an Ancient Martial Art), by Andreas Quast

Karate 1.0 is an extensive exploration into the history of Ryukyuan culture and fighting traditions. Author Andreas Quast guides the reader

Making Sense of Passai (An Exploration of Origin and Style)

There are some kata that really seem to get around: Naihanchi, Sanchin, Kusanku...Seisan for sure. But among the popular kata list Passai ho

Kata (The Film) Giveaway! Now-1/25/14

Douglas Proce, martial artist and filmmaker, has decided to take on a unique project. He wants to interview and film a variety of traditiona

Making Excellence a Habit

Mediocrity, by its very definition, is what surrounds us. The world is constantly seeking a balance of order. As such, we as a species follo

Training Tip: Monitor Your Self Talk

Very few people are immune to the sneaky problem of negative self talk. It's easy to miss since it can start off small and inconsequential b

A Self Defense Guide for College Students

I have a few friends and relatives enrolled in undergraduate/graduate programs and it really got me thinking about the unique self defense e

Surprising Ways In Which Old Style Training is Optimal for Modern Violence

Most traditional martial artists arrive at a point in their training when they realize violence "ain't what it used to be". Sure, humans are

Upcoming Seminar Saturday, Oct 12: Kenjutsu and Kobudo Fighting Concept

I'm pleased to announce an upcoming seminar to be held in Glenwood Springs, Colorado on Saturday, October 12th 2013. The clinic will be host

Martial Arts eCards Now Available!

I don't know about you, but I love occasionally dropping eCards on people. It requires almost no time and effort and gives both me and the r

Review: Shaolin Long Fist Advanced Kung Fu, by Nicholas Yang

YMAA recently provided me with a review copy of their two DVD set entitled "Shaolin Long Fist Advanced Kung Fu", presented by Nicholas Yang.

Interview: Ann Marie Heilman, Okinawa Kenpo 9th Dan (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the interview with Ann Marie Heilman. Part 1 of the interview can be found here. In this segment, Heilman Sensei d

Interview: Ann Marie Heilman, Okinawa Kenpo 9th Dan (Part 1)

I'm very pleased to present this interview with Ann Marie Heilman, senior practitioner of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. Heilman Sensei ha

Oyata Seiyu shinshii (circa 1980)

As I have mentioned here before, I believe Oyata Seiyu shinshii was instrumental in the preservation of many nigh forgotten aspects of the S

The Trap of Pure Exercise and the Method of Mindfulness

One of the immutable truths of martial arts training is that it requires hard work. Time, sweat, and pain are the primary currencies for mar

My New Karate and Kobudo Program, Castle Rock CO

Hey everyone! This is a quick personal update regarding my goings-on in Colorado. Long time readers may recall that I moved from PA to CO la

Wing Chun vs Karate Research | Obsessed With Wing Chun?Your SEO optimize...

In Kung Fu, knowing what you are up against is critical. Which is why we invited a popular Karate blogger to share his thoughts about his sy

I have personally used The Hayes Firm's services in the past and have recommended them to friends and family. The primary function of the firm is to listen to your particular injury situation and connect you to the right attorney in your area. The owner, Bill Hayes, has a huge network of top flight attorneys all across the country and knows who/where to connect you. The service is free too, which is why I recommend it to people in need of knowledge and guidance about their legal case.
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The owner of AC Paintball has put a lot of effort and care into making this an extremely fun paintball facility. He has designed some great fields, perfect for tournament play, small groups, or even really big groups. The best thing is the owner (bill's) desire to help players have a good time and enjoy their experience. If you give AC a try I think you'll be happy you did.
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I've worked with DAK on multiple occasions and have always been impressed. Having spent time in both the outdoor and indoor facilities, I can attest to their cleanliness and overall pleasant environment.
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I've trained in martial arts for a number of years and have developed an eye for spotting solid programs. I decided to join the Castle Rock Iaido due to it's excellent pedigree and roots in Japan. I was also very impressed by the skill and demeanor of the instructors. The final thing that persuaded me to join was the fair, no-long-term-contract approach to their business model. If you're looking for authentic Japanese martial arts in the Denver area I would recommend Castle Rock Aikido and Iaido.
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