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Signing Off On Ward Gossip
After six years and over 300 posts, I've finally decided to move on. It won't be easy! I've loved writing this little Mormon-themed blog. Even more, I've loved the responses I've gotten from so many readers - not only in the comment fields, but in private e...

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LDS Youth Participate in Another Fake Q&A
Last night the LDS Church aired a "Face to Face" with Elder Rasband (Quorum of the Twelve), Sister Oscarson (General Young Women president), and Brother Owen (General Young Men president). View here . The 80 minute program was presented as an "unscripted" Q...

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Utah Says No to Trump!
I hardly ever venture into politics here, but today am making an exception. This morning's New York Times ran a story about Donald Trump's relative popularity among Republican voters. According to the article, of all the traditional Republican enclaves, Uta...

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The Crazy Talk Gets Even Crazier
Mormons have always gone crazy in defense of their church and its teachings. It's never enough for a member to grudgingly go along with whatever the Brethren come up with next. She/he is expected to embrace each new policy or pronouncement with orgasmic exc...

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Loving that Appearance of Evil
It's tricky being a Mormon. They have to obey all these rules - or at least look like they're obeying them. That's the key. Looking the part. Just about every Sunday Mormons are reminded to "avoid the appearance of evil." This gospel tenant is driven so dee...

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Take This Church and Shove It
Last weekend over a thousand Mormons gathered near Salt Lake's Temple Square to submit their resignations from the LDS Church. It was the latest in a series of reactions to the LDS Church decision to refuse infant blessings and baptism to the children of ga...

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Time to Leave the Table
Yesterday the LDS Church changed its policy to exclude children of same-sex parents from membership until/unless they become legal adults, move out of the house, and disavow their gay parents' relationship. Read more here. Perhaps in the coming days I will ...

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The Kerfuffle Over a Cup of Coffee
This past Sunday a film student interviewed Mark and I for a documentary that he and an ex-Mormon classmate are making about people who've left the LDS Church. Since we've been out of the faith a couple of decades now, the return to the early steps in our e...

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Real Friends in the Real World
As a Mormon I was taught to avoid The Real World. It was an evil, cold, miserable place. The Church, by contrast, was loving and gentle and good - a haven of camaraderie and friendship, the only destination for men and women to find true happiness. Only, I ...

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Whew! We're Still Here
As many of you may already know, preparedness shops in Utah have been selling out of their 72-hour kits and freeze-dried food rations in preparation for the apocalypse that was supposed to happen last night. I don't really have much to say about this, other...
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