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Accommodation and Travel information for visitors to Cuba
Accommodation and Travel information for visitors to Cuba


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If you’ve always wondered what #Cuba was like beyond cigars and vintage cars, start packing: It’s time to witness a country at a moment of pivotal change. Here are our tips to unlocking #Havana .
Cubans have been running for years privately owned paladares, or home restaurants.The more established ones are your best bet for food in the city.
For a Great Cocktail
If a drink exists, #Cubans have made it with #rum and it’s easy to find a good cocktail anywhere. But for your classics, there are standbys you can’t miss:
#Daiquiri at El Floridita, Hemingway’s favorite haunt. It’s touristy and a frozen drink will run you $6. The place feels like Cuba in the ‘50s. Skip the food and be sure to tip the band.
#Mojito at the iconic Hotel Nacional, either in its backyard overlooking the Malecón or inside at the Hall of Fame.
Havana Street Food
Buy guava pastries or little doughnuts from vendors along the Malecon in the morning. Look for guarapo, a sugarcane drink, and seek out maniserosselling homemade peanut candy. Fresh juice and fruit shakes are always delicious.
Where to Stay in Havana
Casas particulares, the room-rental system Cubans have used for years, make it easier (and cheaper) to find a nice place to stay. The simplest way to book one is Quality ranges widely, from private villas to simple B&B. Another suggestion is to eat traditional Cuban food at your private #accommodation . Some casas particulares prepare awesome dishes for good value.

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There are a number of ways visitors can spend time exploring Havana in #Cuba‬ . Here is a list of 11 things and places to get you started. A great way to eat with a ‪Cuban‬ family is either by staying at a #casaparticular or find a #‎Homestay‬ around the area you're staying at. Don't miss #Havana‬ this summer! Direct #bookings at

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Check out our new service! We've just launched a new service at #Cubasolidays‬, offering a selection of privately guided tours to the beautiful #Viñales Valley including:
- Customized Excursions
- Pick up at the Accommodation you're staying in
Explore the abundant natural wonders of this outstanding National Park, recently declared an Important Cultural Landscape of Humanity and one of ‪#‎Cuba‬'s best kept secrets.
Experience working tobacco plantation farms, where some of the world's finest #cigars are made as well as tailored:
Walking tours
Cycling trips
Beach visit to Cay Jutias
Horse-riding Tours
and the region's famous natural attractions surrounded by dramatic limestone formations, picture postcard waterfalls and one of South America's longest underground cave complexes.

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Havana is no longer frozen in time, at least not completely. Probably, no other city in the world can claim to be having the kind of moment the Cuban capital is experiencing right now. Classic cars, faded signs and colonial buildings, yet there is something peculiarly fascinating about this #Caribbean city on the verge of change.
Cuba is well-known for its limited #hotel and #accommodation rooms, especially now that #Americans are so eager to visit the #island, so book in advance 
Private houses offering B&B are very common, ranging from pretty basic to stylish sophisticated.
Havana is a great city for exploring by foot, especially when wandering through Old #Havana. There's a lot to see in this city that is alive and kickin', so plan a stop for a refreshing #mojito or Cristal beer, you'll really appreciate it.
On every street you'll experience first hand the mix of culture and history that makes this Cuban city completely one of a kind: indeed you can’t possibly see everything the city has to offer within 24 hours, although this mini tour guide will give you a good start.

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The town of Camagüey has a large historical center that is probably the best preserved of the #island , with beautiful colonial buildings and many churches enhancing its winding streets with their distinctive clay pots. 
#Camagüey was once known as the Big Jar city and is today one of the most charming #Cuban cities. Originally, the narrow labyrinth of streets were built with the intent to confuse marauding #Caribbean pirates. 
Camagüey boasts a wide selection of picturesque #Inns and private homes conveniently located in the hostoric centre, many at very affordable prices, making it a great place to spend your #vacation in #Cuba , such as this rental home in Camagüey
More information about #guesthouse #accommodation in Camagüey
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Tasty private restaurants or Paladares in Havana
For a long time, Cuban food didn’t exactly have a good reputation. Beans and rice was considered a typical meal, and there was little more than that. Since the revolution in 1959, the state has had strict control over the country’s food supply and the establishment of private restaurants with access to simple ingredients like chicken, beans and rice.
In recent years though, there has been a shift in #Cuban food landscape and a new wave of private restaurants, or #paladares, has swept the country, especially so in #Havana.
At one time, Paladares were only allowed to be run by families out of their own homes. These days, they have evolved to become proper #restaurants with multiple rooms that are staffed with professional wait staff and #sommeliers. With easier access to previously hard-to-find ingredients, local #chefs are now able to cook more freely and be more ambitious with their #menus.
These paladares can range from simple mom-and-pop operations that serve up good ol’ comfort food to sophisticated and stylish establishments dishing #Cuban fare fused with international flavours. Food quality has risen to new heights and there’s no better time for a dip into the Cuban #culinary world.

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It’s too easy to get swept away looking at pictures of thatched cabanas on stilts over #tropical blue seas, or city-size cruise ships with corkscrew waterslides when dreaming of trips. Your #travel plans should be balanced, colorful with a sweet ending. If you need a bit of inspiration for planning a #trip in 2016, how about #CIENFUEGOS in Cuba?
#Cuba quickly topped every #traveler’s must-visit list in 2015. It will get even more frenetic in 2016 with a recently announced increase in commercial #flights.
#Havana is the center of the frenzy, followed by the historic city of #Trinidad. But Cienfuegos should be high on your list of #Cuban cities to see. You can dine by the water, walk around the arty town square or catch an up-and-coming singer at a quiet club. The once-moneyed yachting town feels like a relaxing, wealthy escape, circa 1957.
Book your Cuban #Homestay at

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Some of these rules are more unofficial policy, but with a smile and a calm voice, it’s possible to get the #airlines to bend the rules. Most of the time, it's a matter of being proactive knowing which rules to bring up.

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Cuba ranks No.13 Best Caribbean Island
If you’re planning a #tropical getaway, the Caribbean #islands are a gold mine of beauty, seclusion, and adventure. Even though all the #Caribbean islands are beautiful, some are better than others.
While it’s no easy feat getting there from the US, Cuba ranks as a top #destination of the Caribbean. Its Playa Paraiso Beach is considered one of the best #beaches in the world. With 259 attractions and a moderate beach density score of 0.34, the “Pearl of the #Antilles” has breathtaking scenery, rich culture and history, and unparalleled nightlife.

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The MSC Opera cruise ship, which arrived at the #port of Havana after a 22-day crossing from Italy with 1,749 passengers aboard, is the largest ever to dock at the #island.
The majestic #cruise, with a maximum capacity for 2,600 passengers, will dock every week at the port of Havana, where #tourists will board after arriving by air, chiefly from Italy, Germany, #France, Spain and Britain. The #Cuban capital will be the #ship's port of call for its winter season in the #Caribbean until April 2016.
The season will begin Dec. 22 and the cruise will make 16 stopovers in #Havana, where tourists will remain 2 nights before continuing their cruise to other #destinations in the area.
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