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Tony Bacos hung out with 23 people.Ben Higgins, Trey Justice, Shannon Thompson, Blake Buthod, kailey Olenick, Owen Voutsinas-Klose, Chris Pietsch, Kevin Schick, Kris Durbin, Jennifer Jaffe, Cameron Harbron, Jason Chapman, beth Bodnar, James Tolf, Alice S, chris marston, Mari Ellen Settles, Bryan Barbeau, momo mido, Daniel Caudill, Nick L, Jay Wilkins, and Ryan O'Hern
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Tony Bacos was in a video call with 23 others
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Cannot log in to the Swing State Pick 'em site.  I'm sure I have my username and password correct.  Is it up and running? me your screen name and I'll try to see what's up. 
Hey, Tony, do you know what might be wrong with the swing state polls? Because it won't allow me to sign in. I am positive that I have my password and screen name right.
Sorry guys - I'll try to see what's up. If it can't get fixed tonight, it will be updated tomorrow.
Woohoo SoH hangout! :) happy election everybody!
Ryan we are mostly just text chatting and screen sharing
Anyone know a timetable for Florida?
Well, sounds done deal, outa here. Probably will take a pill. 
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