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"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there"
"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there"

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Hey everyone from Marketing Plan Now!

Introduction to MarketingPlanNOW software-
Marketing Plan Now has developed an interactive marketing expert system for small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations. The MarketingPlanNOW software will allow the business or non-profit to create an effective marketing plan by responding to closed-ended questions and by following a decision tree algorithm. The SAAS innovative marketing tool was created by Danny Abramovich, a highly experienced marketing consultant and lecturer, and its methodology is based on 200 SME's and thousands of MBA students, backed-up by 330,000 YouTube views and downloads. The company's vision is to create a series of paid-for services in order to replace conventional marketing planning tools (downloading software, training programs, templates, books) while its core offer lies around a data-base of marketing plans collection that SMB's and non-profit organizations can buy, sell, and share.

External characteristics of a well planned marketing plan:
-It allows financial bodies to better estimate their risk level or success rate when investing funds or lending capital.
 -It allows potential stakeholders to better realize the opportunity of joining-in an existing business.

Internal characteristics of a well planned marketing plan:
      - It obliges decision makers to collect selected data and analyze marketing information before taking decisions.
    -   It introduces a balance between emotional and rational decision-taking: marketing strategy and objectives.
     -  It maximizes the integration of marketing activities before executing costly actions, especially when external marketing service providers are involved.
    -   It monitors marketing activities and their contribution to success.
       It enhances a cyclic process that links the control of marketing activities held today to the marketing analysis needed for tomorrow.

According to the 6th Annual Staples National Small Business Survey[1], 66% of small business owners have some type of marketing budget for 2012. While struggling with a limited marketing budget, many entrepreneurs are concerned about how they will be able to reach out to new customers. 

*[1] Staples Survey Reveals Marketing is Among Major Needs for Small Business Owners, January 2012

Next Post will discuss " The Problem and its Opportunity..."

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Launching a plan (part 2)

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launching a plan

Hello Everyone:) I would like to introduce "Merketing Plan Now" by discussing a major issue: Branding
This post will talk about "How to manage it within a marketing plan of a small and medium-sized business"  (#A)
Everyone has a name. In most cultures a name is comprised of a first name and a surname, while in other cultures such as Iceland, people often have no family name. This is because a person’s name in Iceland is linked to his or her father’s first name. For example, if you are named Adam, and Stefan is the name of your father, your name in Iceland is Adamstefansson which means Adam the son of Stefan. Therefore the telephone directory in Iceland is arranged by first name, which do not change upon marriage. It's all about the local culture.
Beyond names of people, everything recognized by mankind has a name and often can be broken down to many related terms thanks to a series of sciences. Med school students learn all the terms that detail the anatomy of the human mouth and can name all of the 12 muscles that are involved in one smile.
Many people have nicknames. In a world that is becoming increasingly inter-cultural, people often facilitate communication with others by using a common nickname or a local-friendly name. Many native Chinese students I came across in Europe responded to names such as Helene and Kelly without any correlation to Xu Xiangjie and Zhang Tzu Yu.
Even products and services that are commonly used have nicknames and shortenings if it's the Telly for television, fridge for refrigerator, tube for underground or Vid for video.
Only the names of a few people are long lasting. Examples of these commercial terms include such iconic names as Henry Ford (since 1903) and Walt Disney (since 1923). You might not recognize Bill and Dave, although their surnames are Hewlett and Packard, initials HP, or Richard W. whose family name is Sears. You might not recognize Ingvar Kamprad although his initials are known more as the first part of IKEA, a company Ingvar founded at the age of 17 in Sweden, selling pens and watches door to door.
In contrast to a 4th generation cell phone, only a few products and services last for many generations or date back to ancient times: Cooking utensils, jewelry, cosmetics, medical advice, etc.
Next time we will broaden this issue by talking about Simplicity
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