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Our Site Auditing, Snagging and Project Management Apps free from 18th May 2018 to 20th May 2018

AuditBricks - Auditing, Snagging and Punch List Tool for Site Works

SnagID - Manage Projects, Locations, Defects, Issues
SnagID (Android is going to release soon on Play store)

SnagBricks - Site Auditing, Snagging & Punch List

OnSite Checklist - Quality & Safety Inspector

Snap Markup - Annotation Tool

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Capture the whole page or visible portion, annotate screenshot and share

Web2Pics allows you to take full length and visible length screenshots of web pages when you are browsing. What it can capture is an entire webpage including those invisible contents rather than only the current screen content. User can add annotation on captured content with help of annotation tool.

It's much much more convenient than use the "home button + power button for capturing web page”. You will find it very very useful to keep a record of everything you have just browsed in the form of history. User can bookmark the browsed web page.

Annotation or hand drawing tool

You can use the Annotation or hand drawing tool for manipulating the captured screenshot. Lots of options are available like draw, frames, stickers, adding text, cropping, ……. etc.

Cool features:

- Take visible area screenshots of webpages. 

- Take full length screenshots of entire webpages.

- Add annotation on captured screenshots
- Bookmark the browsed web pages.

- Manage history of visited web pages.

- Save screenshots into your album or Web2Pics captured list
- Share the captured screenshot by Facebook, Twitter, Email, Print, Drive, Drop box, Evernote.
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