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Robert Jasper
90% human 10% goofball
90% human 10% goofball

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Been a while. What's up Google+?

Is it in poor taste to post here about how awful Facebook mobile is?

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What ARE these things? (The dark post with the bell shape on top.)

I think it still surprises me how many people are computer illiterate. Hmm.

I need some hot cocoa here. The a/c is killin me today.

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Pickin' apples and peaches.

And a util-i-kilt sighting too! Today has been great!

Whoa. There was a woman standing in front of me faxing. It isn't the faxing that threw me, apparently people still fax. It was the pager she wore on her hip that stunned me. Awesome.

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Sometimes this place is depresses me.

iPads are pretty fun.
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