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Jordan Moody Conditions His Class Of Trickers On The Old Kent Road
The term ‘tricking’ might conjure up images of
magicians shuffling a deck of cards or women dressed in fire-truck red dresses
huddled at the roadside but the term is officially used to define a plethora of
acrobatic and gymnastic moves including front flips...
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Meet Jordan Rasta Monk Moody; Founder, CEO, Teacher and Tricker at CSE Stunts
1     What does CSE stand for? CSE comes from a Jamaican patois term, Catchy Shubby which translates to
‘the best of the best’. It means ‘catch and push’ which I interpret as catching
your talent and pushing it forward into the world. It also comes from a
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Hi I'm Kayleigh. I recently came back from NZ with my partner (I'm from the UK) to England and felt like challenging my brain. Although I'm slim and healthy technically speaking, I don't always eat well! I love a lot of junk food such as KFC and McDonalds. I really wanted to learn more about the basics of nutrition to help myself prepare balanced meals, understand my body and prioritise my health and well-being. I also might want to branch into nutrition as a career and this is a good place to test the waters! I'm also a bit of a geek and love learning!

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Some of my favourite Kiwi feasts...
I’ve always loved food. Food makes me happy. It’s a
pleasure. I can’t eat when I’m stressed, anxious or afraid, but if I’m in high
spirits, food, pretty much any food, is back on the menu. I was pretty fussy as
a kid but nowadays there’s not much I won’t ea...
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Easter Monday at Blunderbuss
There’s a little place in Takapuna that I’d been meaning
to eat at for a while. My partner and I frequently head to Takapuna for the
beautiful beach which boasts mythical views of Rangitoto Island, a dormant
volcano teaming with wildlife and epic beach-side...
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Neal’s Yard Remedies: Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Lotion
    Overview Neal’s yard are motivated by a desire to produce authentic
products made primarily from organic rather than synthetic ingredients. They
are also environmentally conscious and driven and enjoy sourcing local produce
and assisting with various ca...
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Mor – Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream
  Overview Mor defines itself as a ‘modern apothecary’, focusing on
cosmetics and scented candles. An exotic, luxurious brand, products can be
purchased from the brands e-boutique and make ideal pampering gifts. Packaging Noir and gold are utilised to creat...
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10 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself
Have a
beauty standard Some women (and an increasing number of men) are
slaves to beauty. They don’t enjoy the process or find any fun in it. For them,
it is simply a series of procedures that they must routinely go through in
order to achieve a certain lev...
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The menacing, mercurial magnitude of space has always enthralled
audiences. We sit and ponder what life forms exist beyond Earth, the
misadventures of space crafts, the languages and cultures abounding on various
planets. Gravity is a different sort
of spac...
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10 Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence Kicks Ass
1.        She
has been very upfront and outspoken about the film industries representation of
actresses as waif thin, instead promoting a strong, healthy look that young
girls can aspire to. 2.       Unlike
most famous faces, who automatically dismiss their...
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