Someone needs our help. As I think you know, we normally don't ask people for donations with the VBT. We are looking for your brains, not your money. If a situation arises, however, where a small amount of money can have a big impact, we are not adverse to asking.

One such situation has recently come to my attention. One of our members, who has been very forthright about his struggles with mental illness and previous homelessness revealed in some post comments that he does not have a computer. This was noticed by +Meg Tufano who offered to donate $100 towards the purchase of a computer if we can find others to also make a donations and collect enough too buy a decent machine. This particular member is no dummy - quite the opposite. In fact, he is a network engineer who has worked with a number of Fortune 500 clients, and also has expressed a desire to do more writing - something that is very difficult to do when you have to access the Internet from a cell phone.

Let's see if we can try to give him a hand. Do you have a bit of extra money burning a hole in your pocket? - this is a good cause. Is there anyone out there willing to match Meg's generous offer? Even a smaller amount - $10 or $20 would help us get there. Or possibly someone has an older - but decent - computer they are willing to donate? Please contact Meg - she will be coordinating this and will collect any funds, buy, ship and insure the computer. She is a college professor so can also get educations discounts for computer equipment.

Don't worry if you can't donate at this time - lots of us are tight at the moment, but maybe you could reshare this post or maybe you know someone else who could help? I haven't interacted a great deal with the particular person who needs just a little hand up, but from what I have my impression is that he is a smart and caring person, who is willing to help others, so let's see what we can do.

Again, contact Meg with any offers, questions or ideas you might have about this. Any checks written for this will be made out to her so she can use her educational discount to buy the computer. Thank you for considering this.
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