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Davina Haisell
Editor and copywriting consultant at Shades of Crimson
Editor and copywriting consultant at Shades of Crimson


Only in Canada: "Oh. You. Are." Canadian = "our" in words such as "colour" and "neighbour".

This is one of the most common errors I find when editing for Canadian authors. However, some authors have been ask to use American spelling by their publishers, so it's always good to check. This has also happened for advertising copy written by agencies for American markets.

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Excited for my friend, Heather Haley. Great review of her book, The Town Slut's Daughter, in the Vancouver Sun. Congrats Heather!!

I'm feeling pretty grand about the latest new client I have connected with. He invited a number of editors to submit a sample edit of his first chapter along with a quote to proofread his novel. He was looking for a "picky proofreader", but noted to us in a group email that we probably wouldn't find much.

Well, I went to town and showed him a thing or two  He replied a couple of days later to let me know that my quote was the highest of all submitted, but that he was interested in negotiating because he liked what I had done.

Why am I pleased? Because my experience has almost always been that the person looking for a proofreader or editor is simply looking for the cheapest price, without considering the quality of work they are paying for -- no matter how much they are paying.

It certainly helps to see the proofreader's sample work, to make an informed decision, and for the proofreader to be fully aware of just how much detail, time and effort the buyer is interested in.

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This is a great video; the first in a series that promotes Monika Mundell's mini-copywriting course. Understand the 3 steps to attract more dream clients. Write copy that compels and sells.

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Recently, I was introduced to BlueFur, a Canadian web hosting company. After a very short time, I can without a doubt recommend them. They provide excellent web hosting and customer service.

A former web hosting company I was referred to was found to be hosting more than 1,800 domain names, a large number of them adult, spyware and bots. The industry standard for number of hosted domain names per server is 200.

My current web advisor noted that their numbers are up and down, no doubt as spammers drop and create new domain names to support their activities.

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Thought-provoking article on the concept "Do What You Love".

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After nearly 20 years in the proofreading business, I've learned a thing or two. But, the learning never stops; one needs to keep their wits about them.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall versus, winter, spring, summer or fall? Which is correct?

No capitalization is required when writing the seasons, unless they are being used as a proper name, as in the Summer Olympics, etc.

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Excellent tips in the Oatmeal's "How and why to use 'whom' in a sentence."

Well, 2014 promises to be a busy year of proofreading, for which I'm truly grateful. I'll be proofing menus for a well-known pizzeria -- five regions across Canada. 

I'm excited because I love proofreading menus; used to proof menus when I worked for an agency in downtown Vancouver. It amazes me how ingredients in certain menu items change depending on the region where they're being served, and just how much the menu itself can change, from one dish to the other.
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