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There are a bunch of YouTube instructional videos on singing overtones, so I don't think I'll bother recording one, but I will type in here the basic stumbling block to get over. N.B. I'm not quite as good as the guy below!

Put the fingertips of one hand on your throat, from top to bottom, and feel where your Adam's apple is. (Obviously, this is easier if have a Y chromosome.) Then sing a scale Westernly. Result: high notes with Adam's apple high, low notes with it low. But this is only an artistic choice: if you yawn while singing, you can do high notes with your Adam's apple low.

Unfortunately, to bring out overtones you need to force your Adam's apple to be high, with midrange or low notes. Instead of yawning, pretend (alas) vomiting. Once you can sing with your Adam's apple up, by this subterfuge or another, play around with lip shape and overtones will come. Initially, I had to thrust mine rather forward in a pucker but now I can even close them and hum overtones.

I learned from this guy at a juggling convention, where one can pick up many physical skills.

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