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Little by little robots learn :)
"Tell me Dave" robot learns simply by people talking to it
Many robots today are able to follow verbal instructions. However, the robot first has to be programmed with software code that allows it to respond to those instructions in some predetermined way, and that software must be added to every time the robot's task list is enhanced. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just avoid all that messy fiddling about with software and talk to a machine as we would a human and explain what we wanted it to do? Researchers at Cornell University thought so, that’s why they designed and built a learning robot as part of their "Tell me Dave" project.
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Waiting for Noonien Soong?
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Bye TrueCrypt
Think, the run for the most trustworthy #TrueCrypt fork is on the way. Let's see, what the next few days will bring ...

Maybe it becomes one of the most exciting challenges for the #opensource  principle.
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Martynas Sklizmantas

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If this doesn't make you paranoid, nothing will.
Once upon a time, a friend of mine accidentally took over thousands of computers. He had found a vulnerability in a piec…
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Pandora music ;)
Pandora's "Music Genome Project" explores how we interact with music. Twenty-five music analysts “grade” 10,000 songs a month. It’s a mountainous job, writes Rob Pegoraro, but the results will be serious business.
Twenty-five music analysts "grade" 10,000 songs a month. It's a mountainous job, writes Rob Pegoraro, but the results will be serious business.
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Movies to watch ;)
The Worst Hacking Scenes in Movies lol ;D worst hacker ever! 
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Algorithms harnessing the power of pull to learn everything about anything - when will we learn to do the same?
Summary: Researchers from Allen Institute for AI have built a computer system capable of teaching itself many facets of broad concepts by scouring and analyzing search engines using natural language processing and computer vision techniques.
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3d printed fruit ;)
This is incredible:  Would you eat it?
The 3D printing of food is certainly a futuristic concept, but it's also something that, at this point, not too many people are all that excited about. Sure, it
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