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Deck The Halls

A buddy of mine had asked me to go by his house and take a picture of the exterior and see how it did with my kind of effects on it.
I actually think it came out looking pretty good. Hope he likes it.
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is he hispanic tambien?  (cuz the Christmas lights are still up!)  great photo RC! 
Im sure you would find a way (this may be a challenge) to make even the local city dump look great with your talents. Now let me be clear though, this is beautiful.. Great shot RC
His house, is a very very very fine house, with two cats …
I would say it came out good.
ashaar mere yuun to zamaane ke liye hain
kuch sher faqat unko sunaane ke liye hain ab ye bhi nahi Thek ke har dard mitaa dein
kuch dard kalajy se lagaane ke liye hain aankhon mein jo bhar lo gae to kaanton se
ye khuvaab to palakon pe sajaane ke liye hain dekhuun tere haathon ko to lagataa hai tere haath
mandir mein faqat diip jalaane ke liye hain ye illm kaa saudaa ye risaale ye kitaabein
ik shakhs kii yaadon ko bhulaane ke liye hain
Nice, Pic, what features did you add?
Nice Work RC! Looks fantastic...TTY soon man
so, what kind of effects did you put on it?
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