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The power of cartoons... That celery is disgusting!!!
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The look on your face is priceless though.
Jenn caught a great look. Ya know, I like celery - cold if by the stalk. It's ok hot if part if something, but by itself??? I'm with you, man ;)
Go figure, 
But a lightly grilled head of Romaine, with Parmesan Cheese is good.
I agree with +Jay Abramson. Celery is OK on a veggie platter (with lots of ranch dressing) but I find myself liking it best when it's part of something like soup, stew or when I'm slow cooking a roast.

Bar-B-Q celery sounds pretty awful and the look on your face is telling me that it's as bad as it sounds...
+RC Concepcion I would make the exact same face, I absolutely HATE, I mean HATE celery, ughhh, and I am a huge veggie fan, but celery NO WAY!
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